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How Past Business Experiences Shaped Real Estate Entrepreneur Brosnan C. Hoban’s Success Today

Brosnan C. Hoban’s path to his current success in the real estate market as a political commentator and renowned author has been an interesting one to say the least. Brosnan saw early success on social media at just the age of 18, when he started commentating and talking about two of his passions: faith and politics. He started posting videos of himself talking about current events and preaching which led to his content being reposted on many large social media pages. It was just the beginning of his life long journey as an entrepreneur.

Growing up with his father working in real estate, Brosnan knew what he wanted to do for a career from an early age. During his junior and senior years in high school, Brosnan was able to land internships at a couple commercial real estate companies. Using those experiences, Brosnan got hired at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), the top commercial real estate firm in the world. After gaining a few years of experience at JLL, he knew it was time to join his dad’s company and help it grow. Brosnan said, “my dad always told me he would never let me join his business until I earned it myself in the real world, so that is what I did. But I am lucky, I always knew what I wanted to do since I was young.”

Brosnan has used his skills learned during his time at JLL and from his father to build a massive real estate brand on social media. While most real estate agents continue to stick to their roots, Brosnan knew he had an upper hand online. He’s been gaining a lot of respect from his peers, his unique approach is already paying off.

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Title: Brosnan C. Hoban Stresses the Importance of Having a Mentor

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. The amount of hard work, dedication, over time, and grit required to make it on your own takes a massive amount of courage. When a mistake is made there is no safety net to catch you. You are on your own. This is why it is so important to have a mentor who can guide you with their experience and knowledge. This couldn’t have been truer for real estate entrepreneur Brosnan C. Hoban.

Growing up with his father being in real estate, Brosnan C. Hoban knew from the beginning that he wanted to work in real estate. While internships and full-time jobs at different real estate firms taught Brosnan a lot, it was his father’s mentorship that really paved the way for his success later on. Brosnan said, “my biggest inspiration is my dad; he is the person I’ve looked up to my entire life. He has taught me so much about business but most importantly he has taught me so much about being a man and a good husband. I am so thankful for him. My dad is my hero and inspiration.”

Brosnan points to his mentorship as a key factor to his success. He said, “it takes a lot of different attributes and characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur. But the most important thing is to always believe in yourself. No matter what career path you take, you need to have self-confidence in your abilities. Make sure to gain the industry experience you need, find a mentor and to always believe in yourself.”

Brosnan has hopes of one day taking over his father’s real estate business. The company is on pace to accumulate over 40 million dollars worth of commercial real estate assets within 5 years. He also wants to use his experience and skills to mentor other entrepreneurs just like his father mentored him.

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