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Bryce Cleveland Created an Empire Through Community and Education

The world revolves around cash, currency, and capital. While money may be important, many people look over the opportunity to bring people together. Instead of overlooking community, Bryce Cleveland has made community a cornerstone in his beauty and aesthetic company Scalpa. 

Scalpa is the largest product and online learning program for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry in the world. They sell a wide array of products to their students, who find success using the Scalpa-provided training. The main goal of the company is to provide for people a “vehicle for absolute success” through their programs. Scalpa has created a successful community of over 35,000 entrepreneurs who went through the company’s training.

Bryce Cleveland takes great pride in the services he provides for people. When asked what the most rewarding part of his job was, he said, “Watching people who have nothing at first join Scalpa and gain massive success. Not just in money, but [in] their mindset, their new-found freedom, and their self-respect. I’ve created a community that organically supports each other through the online programs… we help each other.”

Bryce and his team work every day to improve the business. Their online training is constantly evolving based on their community’s feedback. New courses are being added on a regular basis, giving people the opportunity to learn new skills to add to their repertoire. “I do this out of love and for personal reasons. We sell real products, real systems, [and see] real results… The community speaks for itself.”

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