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How Many Letters Do Students Write To Government Each Year?

Students have always been the loco-motion system of positive changes in any county and in any epoch. The young blood pulsing in their veins propels them into withstanding the whips of social injustice. The first instance of resistance has always been verbal as it seems that people who are simply forced to write dozens of essays in colleges and universities can keep writing letters to the government eternally. They are never short of ideas. So, the question of how many letters do students write to governments each year shall remain not responded. Meanwhile, what is known for sure are the types of letters those students write, and this article is going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

Tuition Fees

One thing that is known for sure is that students all over the world, regardless of the country they live in are not satisfied with the prices they have to pay for education. Therefore, lots of letters to the government are devoted, namely, to this topic. As a matter of fact, it can be understood why students are eager to have this topic discussed. Unfortunately, it is quite often that the quality of educational services provided and the money required for them do not coincide.

More Curricula Freedom

Whenever those young folks are tasked with writing an essay about what they would have changed in their college or university, the first thing the majority of them write about is the need for putting more power of choice into the hands of youths. In fact, it is good that students write those letters because they serve as an example of standing tall for one’s rights for the next generations. If you read the free essays online for college, you will be able to see that modern students want to be in charge of their educational fates.

More Inclusion

It has all began in the middle of the 20th century, and thankfully, the tendency is still going on. Students in various countries have been writing a letter to government official every day hoping to explain to them that the right for education should not be abridged based on one’s skin color, religion, etc. Nowadays, there is a lot of free essays to be found online about how this struggle took place. There is a lot of interesting information to be learned as every government letter holds a lot of interesting facts and revelations about the ways students of various generations have been fighting for making this world a better place to live.

Instant Reaction

Writing a letter to government official is the least that students can do when they find a particular situation to be unacceptable. Find at least one free essay about the history of student movements, and you will see that no government in the world wants to mess with students. They are the striking force of change that sees no obstacles on the way towards their goal.


As it has been already mentioned, students have always been the engine of positive changes in society. All the letters they have written to their corresponding governments have altered the fates of entire nations. There is a whole myriad of topics that students can raise in their letters to government officials, and they might range from the nation-wide issues to some personal problems. One thing that cannot be denied is that students have that special ability to see things in a different light. Sometimes, it seems that they can forecast a problem and start writing about it before it is too late. Unfortunately, not everybody listens to them from the very outset.

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