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Best universities in the United States 2020

Would you like to attend and learn from some of the best universities and institutions in the US?

If you want to make your employers impressed, get a job after graduation, learn from the best educators, and become alumni of such institutions, then these top universities are perfect for you.

The universities have been providing higher education for years now, and since then, they have established credible reputations. They have produced graduates that later become famous people both in the US and the world.

You too can be part of their alumni; anyway, here are options to consider and a list of the best US universities.

1.   University of Washington (UW)

This public university in Seattle, Washington, is one of the most prestigious universities in the US and world. It has three campuses, namely UW Seattle (the main campus), UW Bothell, and UW Tacoma. One of the most famous alumni of this university is the actor and martial art expert, Bruce Lee.

The university is ranked “number 14 globally by the Academic Ranking of World Universities and number 2 among US public institutions by US News & World Report.”

Therefore a student expects to receive the best; also, according to a UW survey, “6 months after graduation 70% of graduates are employed.”

A student at this institution needs to work hard to be a success story. You can utilize various resources for this to happen like the complete coursework for me service. Just as UW is a good investment or value for money, so is this helpful service.

2.   Columbia University

This private university in the world’s financial capital (New York City) is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the US as it was established in 1754. In US university ranking, this higher learning institution is listed “number 3 among US universities and number 16 globally.”

It’s a great university but one of the hardest to get in since it’s a sought after institution by many students not only in the US but worldwide.

For example, the School of International and Public Affairs at the university reported that “92% of their graduates get employed 6 months after graduation. They got employment in the United Nations, Google, and World Bank.”

Therefore it isn’t a surprise that students everywhere want to be part of Columbia University and join an elite list of alumni like Warren Buffet.

3.   McMurry University

This Methodist-affiliated university in Texas is ranked “number 1 in Texas with 92.91% of their graduates getting employment 10 years after graduation” according to Zippia.

Being a sought after university in Texas, most students are confident of success after they graduate. With alumni like famous businesswoman Dian Graves Stai, a student will be pretty assured of their future.

Students of this university in Texas are guaranteed a future where they get employment, and therefore, the quality of education is what the job market seeks.

Most students don’t take the time to research or look for a good university. Some assume they’re all the same with equal opportunities and majors or degrees. Just like how paper writing reviews are different from the rest, so are universities.

The universities listed here prepare you, the student, for the competitive workforce, therefore, giving you an advantage that employers find irresistible and make resumes impressive. 

Just as Abraham Lincoln stated, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” That is how UW, Columbia, and McMurry Universities prepare their students for future success by sharpening them with skills.

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