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3 Things You Need to Be Doing With Your Content

Content marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. And all the entrepreneurs and marketers that want to stay ahead of the competition need to learn new tools and marketing strategies.

In this post, we outline 3 key tips that will help you grow your content marketing exponentially.

Let’s dive in.

1. Correct formatting

You have to make your content engaging for the Millenials as well as the Gen X folks. And the trend nowadays is more white space between sentences. So keep your paragraphs short – under 5 rows.

Also, use italicized text and bolded text whenever it’s applicable. It’s best to use it on transitions between paragraphs or between topics.

Another way to format your article is to use the proper H1, H2, and H3 tags. H1 is your title tag, that’s reserved for your title. Use H2 and H3 for the headers and subheaders of your article. You should also consider using bullet point lists or numbered lists whenever applicable to help you display information quickly and clearly.

Moving on to the next point… (see what I did there?)

2. Use lots of videos, images, and audio

Images and video content is a great way to keep your audience engaged and keep them on your page longer. It’s also great because some people learn best by watching videos. So you need to take your content and re-purpose it into video form. Then post the video at the beginning of the post and tell people about it.

Another great way to re-purpose your content is through audio form. You can either record yourself reading your post or make a podcast and then embed it inside your post.

3. Use WordPigeon to upload your Google Docs to WordPress

Our last but not least tip is to use a tool like WordPigeon to significantly reduce the time it takes you to upload your Google Docs to WordPress. Instead of manually copy and pasting your content into your WordPress console, you can just use WordPigeon to automatically upload all of your Google Docs into WordPress with just a few clicks.

Here is how it works.

First, create an account on WordPigeon. Next, connect WordPress to it, and finally, just select the file and click to upload it onto your WordPress.

That’s it.

No more hours of trying to save the images in the right format for WordPress to accept it. Or hours of copy pasting and re-formatting every single paragraph and header.

Using this tool could save you hours of your time. So if you have a blog or site on WordPress please check it out and save yourself the hours.


We hope that you enjoyed our post. The next time that you need to write a piece of content or come up with a content strategy for the next month think about the things you can do to format it differently, to use multi-media and to save time on various content processes.

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