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The Port Fund Achieves Success despite Challenges

The Kuwait Gulf and Link Company (KGLI) declared a fruitful exit of the Port Fund Investment replicating its Fund’s resources amounting from $188 million to around $380 million and creating the return of 10% annually for over 10-years. The Fund primarily is focused on related logistics chances in promising markets. It is a private equity Fund and continually outclassed its industry competitors even though the market situations were unpredictable and unreliable as well as the Arab spring in the year 2011, and the 2008 financial crunch. The majority of private equity Funds underwent huge loss and devaluation. Therefore, as a result of the Company exceptional performance, it is classified together with its management, amongst the top best performing Funds in the whole world.

A comment regarding the Company successful exit from one of the Port Fund Company Director, Marsha Lazareva, who is also the KGL CEO and Vice-Chairman said the performance of the Company leaves us proud. It was due to their spirited effort, dedication and commitment for the achievement, especially return for our investors.

The KGL CEO further described the success to have been possible through the involvement of the company Board of Directors. Their input through continues support, guidance, when everything seemed impossible, is something not to be taken for granted. She also says the success has also been contributed by partners and investors who were patient enough to wait for the great moment. Marsha says the Port Fund is anchored on transparency and honesty where investor’s interests were considered before anything else.

According to the Company CEO, the successful departure of the Fund, after helping investors get big returns, allows ending irrational accusations in contrast to KGL investment Company, the Port Fund together with their management teams. The claims, according to the CEO, levelled against them were false information designed by those who were not happy with the company success. Now that the Company finally produced very good results giving the investors a reason to smile, that made false allegations to fall apart.

The CEO continues to say that the allegation from various quarters that said the Company had defrauded investors was a blow to those spreading negative propaganda. According to her, the Fund followed the right procedures and was at all-time compliance in following the set governing laws. About the Port Fund accusations, not even once did the Company violate any law as their work at all times to safeguard investor’s resources.

Going through a hard time of false accusation and many expecting to see negative bad results, only to get disappointed by the successful returns to investors is good news no one can forget. The company professionalism and other teams concerted effort is what finally resulted in the Port Fund reap benefits that investors needed. Amid challenges, the Company faced the company team was able to turn around all things for the better. But the success of the Company was as a result of investors support and trust. That gesture alone strengthened the Port Fund management to focus on delivery and ignore any negative voice seeing only evil of the Company.

The whole process and the experience empowered the Port Fund to continue providing even better services to investors in future.

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