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How to Know You are Growing as a New Business Owner

Being a business owner is one thing, but recognizing that you are making progress is another. The skill to learn and utilize information that improves your experience as a business owner is useful moving forward. Retaining knowledge and being able to use it to your advantage is one aspect of being a good business owner.

The most important thing is how to know you are improving. This simple question can unlock your potential, so if you are wondering how to see your progress come to life, check out these tips.

Responsible With Your Taxes

This is a sure fire sign that, as a new business owner, you are growing into a savvy bookkeeper. Most of the time, this means organizing your documents, but it can also mean simply knowing when tax season is. Not sure when that is? Find out when your taxes are due here, avoid the rush, and keep moving your business forward. It would hurt you more than you know if you missed out on the deadline for taxes. Especially as a business owner, how you conduct your administrative or financial filing is important to reaching your potential as the responsible entrepreneur you know you can become.

Open to Networking Opportunities

Growing means being receptive to change, and change can involve opening yourself up to new opportunities. These opportunities often come as a result of business networking, and can increase your connections. The business world might be a large place full of innovation, players, and companies, but the tried and true method of meeting people online or in person to network has always remained. Getting in touch with other business owners and new entrepreneurs like yourself to talk logistics, experiences, and share advice is a good way to get your name in the mouths of other respected members of the business world. Taking advantage of these networking chances is a sign that you are improving your skills for long term success.

You Are Receptive of Criticism

As mentioned above, you might take advantage of these networking opportunities. Meeting new people can present some unique benefits, like learning from other peoples experience in the business world. Sometimes, they may offer criticism, whether it is constructive or downright blunt, it is important to keep a level head and listen. Sometimes, even seemingly disrespectful comments about your work may reveal something that you could not see. The bias you have towards your business is understandable, it is your product, your baby, your creation, but that does not mean it is perfect. Being able to accept criticism, no matter how small, blunt, or constructive it may be, will show you how much you are really absorbing knowledge from those around you in similar situations, or situations you would like to be in.


Growing as a business owner means learning at any chance you can get. Not only that, but being able to apply that knowledge in a way that shows to you, your competition, your partners, and just about anyone that interacts with your business that you are serious. Following this advice, you can apply these tips to see if you are improving your own position as a business owner.

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