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How Home Buyers and Home Sellers Are Taking Advantage of Upnest to save money in Real Estate.

A good number of Americans have discovered that they can save up to 35 million in Realtor commission through Upnest. 

Traditionally, when a person wanted to buy or sell a house, they would manually look for a real estate agent, they would look for a local agent. The agent’s cut was fixed; some agents had a commission of 3% of the total price of the house, other agents were greedier, they asked up to 10% of the total price of the home.

Pablo Hernandez, a resident of California, recently tried to use Upnest to sell his house; here is what he had to say. “I was amazed at how fast it took me to sell the house through the help of an agent, what is even better, is that I was able to save so much through reduced realtor’s commission,” Hernandez remarked with so much unbelief. He had expected to pay the agent ten times what he actually paid. And this is a typical story from UpNest customer reviews.

So things and times have changed, with the help of real estate companies such as UpNest, the real estate agent is no longer in control of the commission, the agent commission is no longer fixed. That means that the home buyer or the home seller can go for the agent with the lowest rates to maximize on what they will get at the end of the day.

Why is it Easy to Save with Upnest in Real Estate?

There are so many testimonies of home buyers and sellers who ended up saving a lot of money that they could have used on realtor commission. We all know that when selling or buying a home, going through the hands of a real estate agent is inevitable, whether you involve the agent while searching for a home, or when you involve them in opening the house you just located by yourself.

Upnest provides a platform where Real estate agents can compete for the attention of the home seller or the home buyer. These agents are distributed across the United States, and it does not matter your location, there is always a local agent near you. What makes it easy for home buyers and home sellers to save money through UpNest is because agents are always competing for their signature. So agents within the platform are willing to reduce their commission to a new low to get the clients. This competition allows home buyers and home sellers to interview several real estate agents before choosing one with the right commission and also with the best real estate leads. 

About upnest. 

Upnest is a real estate platform that allows home buyers and home sellers to access real estate agents at lower commissions within a location near them. Upnest also allows real estate agents to compete for Homebuyers and home sellers’ signature, thereby reducing the commission they are willing to charge. Upnest is a platform that allows home sellers to make fast sales of their homes, through the help of realtors who are always connected to potential buyers. So supnest is a modern platform that changed the status quo within the real estate industry, giving the home buyer and home seller the upper hand within the same industry.

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