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From Bad Reviews to Five-star Ratings: Enhancing the Customer Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B software company or an online retail store; excellent customer experience is integral to your success. It’s all about building a credible and trustworthy brand. If you’re not there to make your customers feel happy and feel heard, then someone else will listen to fill their needs.

Unfortunately, many companies are experts in their field but can’t show it through customer satisfaction. They tap call center outsourcing solutions to provide seamless customer service. There are many aspects to improving this. Read on to know how your business can become a better steward for your customers:

Enhance customer experience

Your client’s buying journey starts the moment they visit your website. This is where user experience and navigation becomes a top priority.

Some design input you can implement is clarifying your categories. Use mega-menus or search features to locate products quicker, and make sure you use links on all navigation elements efficiently so that customers can jump from product to product with ease.

You can attract first-time visitors with offers like download links to free e-books or resources via newsletter subscription so that they can better identify their pain points. Use chatbots or live support so that they can pinpoint solutions quickly.

Optimize checkout process

Customers don’t want a complicated checkout process. They might abandon their shopping cart or not push through with partnering with your business if checking out is a chore.

You can fix your checkout process by simplifying your order forms and putting up a progress bar to show where they are in that process. If within your means, expand your payment options. You can add a guest checkout option as having to register to buy one product can be a turnoff.

Remember to optimize the checkout process for mobile devices, and to ensure payment security. This is a convenient time to ask for feedback too.

Develop a mobile strategy

By 2021, e-commerce sales through mobile devices are expected to shoot up to 51%. This indicates a rising need to optimize your business for mobile use.

While this adapts the same principles for website optimization, your mobile strategy is slightly tweaked to match your consumer’s on-the-go mentality. This means it has to load faster and more efficiently. Simplify your carousels and minimize your copies and call-to-actions. Change your desktop mega-menu to a mobile-friendly slide-out menu. Leverage automated messaging applications for quicker updates and notifications.

If you want to build your app or improve mobile user experience, consult a professional app developer or UX designer.

Improve post-sales service

An active post-sales service will influence customer retention and feedback. Thus, you shouldn’t stop once you’ve closed the deal – you have to see the whole buyer’s journey through.

Provide 24/7 customer service that is capable of managing L1, L2, and L3 technical support. Make sure that your post-sales service is also familiar with the functions of your marketing and sales team so they can respond to problems arising from any step of the journey.

You can also leverage e-mail marketing and feedback management systems to recommend other products or know how you can further personalize your relationship with the customer.

Leverage marketing strategies

Don’t forget to take advantage of social media to get to know the conversations about your brand. This also allows your brand to be more visible and reachable. Use the data compiled from your e-mail marketing strategy, your website’s interaction and heat map, as well as chat support logs to implement better approaches.

Delighting your clients and customers online should work the same as when you’re doing it face-to-face. Be a friend, not a salesman. More than your marketing efforts, it’s loyal customers that will drive your sales beyond your expectations.

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