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Are There Moral Issues Surrounding Contraception?

Over the past few years, perhaps no issue has received more attention and debate than that of contraception. For those who might not know, contraception is used to allow people to have sex while reducing the risk of someone becoming pregnant. In today’s era, premarital sex and sex for the purpose of pleasure and not reproduction is rampant. This has led to the rise of moral arguments against contraception. When it comes to these arguments, there are a few important points that people tend to argue.

First, many people claim that contraception is unnatural. These are individuals who try to promote life as God (or another higher power) intended. The purpose of sex is reproduction and using contraception leads to the prevention of other human beings entering the world. Therefore, many people point out that contraception is unnatural. Furthermore, contraception is also anti-life. Because it prevents the birth of new life, contraception is immoral.

Next, many people indicate that contraception is used to separate the act of sex from the process of reproduction. The purpose of sex is to reproduce. The goal is to bring new life into this world through sexual activity. When sex is performed for any process other than reproduction, this is wrong. Many people have argued that this contributes to the moral degradation of culture. It is important for people to associate reproduction with life and, by the transitive property, sex with love. When sex and love are made separate, this leads down a dangerous path. In reality, there is no sex that doesn’t have some degree of emotion attached to it. Removing emotion and love from sex is wrong.

Furthermore, many people have argued that contraception is a form of abortion in and of itself. There are heated arguments surrounding abortion every day. Some people argue that abortion is a form of murder and should be prosecuted as such. By extension, many people are now arguing that contraception is just another form of abortion. It is used to end life prematurely. Therefore, it is immoral and should not be allowed to continue.

Finally, there is the major argument that contraception, such as the ability to purchase emergency contraceptive online from Morning After Pill, leads to immoral behavior. Access to contraception obviously makes it easier for people to have sex outside of marriage. Because sex should be reserved for bearing children during wedlock, anything that makes it easier for people to have sex outside of marriage is wrong. As a result, contraception, which makes it easier to have sex outside of marriage, is also morally wrong.

These are only a few of the many moral issues surrounding contraception. Just as people have heated arguments surrounding abortion, the arguments surrounding contraception are every bit as heated. With the election coming up, these arguments are only going to get more intense. Many people are waiting with eager anticipation to see what type of route the country takes.

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