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7 Useful Tools to Take Your Blogging to the Next Level

Blogging plays a significant role in engaging with your target audience and attracting new leads. Your blog is your platform to tell your prospects and customers about the personality, values, and mission of your brand. Thus, it’s high time to look for content writing tips and visit sites like word counter to start your blogging right.

Always keep in mind that style, knowledge, and dedication are the recipes for great writing. And, of course, aside from those qualities, you should have the perfect writing tools as well. So, without further ado, here are the best tools to power up your blogging.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

For sure, coming up with an excellent topic for your blog post is not that easy. That’s why you should have this tool to help you come up with fresh ideas for your blog. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator allows users to type at least three keywords, and then it will give you a list of topics that are relevant for the keywords you have typed.

This tool is ideal to use not only with coming up with blog ideas but article titles as well. A lot of bloggers use HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator before writing their blog content. So, you might as well cop this tool for yourself.


If you want to research and monitor online content, you should have Buzzsumo at hand. This tool will help you generate content ideas, create quality content, monitor performance, and identify influencers. Thousands of digital marketers around the world use Buzzsumo to find content that works best for their campaigns.


Ahrefs is one of the favorite tools among SEO specialists and bloggers. It’s not free, though, but surely it’s worth your money to have this toolkit. You can use Ahrefs to check backlinks, track search ranking, and look for SEO keywords.

Aside from these features, it can also help propel your content into the first page of Google search. You can also look for relevant and valuable blog topics using this tool, thanks to its versatile filtering system and visual SEO metrics. You can filter the posts by time, word count, referring domains, traffic, and shares.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a popular online editor used by bloggers and content writers. It features a text editing system that’s very user-friendly. If your write-up has complicated phrases or excessive adverbs, the app highlights them and suggests you to get rid of them.

This tool also displays the readability score of your text and ensures active voice constructions. It also highlights spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. So, if you want to make your content sparkle, the Hemingway App is the best tool for you.


People (even English majors) make grammar and spelling mistakes. That’s why you should get the best grammar and spelling checker while writing your content. Grammarly not only spots errors in spelling and grammar but also helps improve your text in terms of style and readability.

Do you want to be a no-nonsense content writer, right? Well, you should use Grammarly when writing your content.


Canva is a free photo editing tool that allows users to create amazing graphics for their website content. Most bloggers and writers use this application for a lot of reasons. You can choose from more than a hundred of layouts, templates, and fonts for making your visuals. The creation process is also very easy, even for beginners.


It’s a mortal sin among content writers to copy the work of others. Even Google will penalize you if you’re caught plagiarizing another writer’s content. That’s why you should always have a plagiarism checker handy when writing your blog posts. Copyscape is one of the most trusted tools right now to ensure that your work is original.


Content writing is hard if you don’t have the right tools for it. So, if you want to make this activity like a piece of cake and make your content top-notch, you should have the tools mentioned on this list close at hand.

Remember Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, Hemingway App, Grammarly, Canva, Copyscape, and HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator before writing your piece. These content writing tools are your best buds to becoming a great content writer and a digital marketer.

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