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Printers – Types and common printing problems that users face

For any organization, proper management of documents is vital. It needs to have an effective document management system. It helps in improving the efficiency of the workplace. Scanning, copying, faxing, printers and document solutions are an analytical part of the day to day operations of the organization that you should not take lightly, as it affects the entire working and performance of the enterprise.

It also requires you to update technology regularly, that is, software. The organization should be aware of the technology available, the latest technology, and even the technology that can incorporate within the enterprise. The printer is one of the main components.

Types of printers:

  1. Multi-function printers- It is also known as a multi-function device (MFD), or all in one (AIO). It is rightly called so, as it performs the tasks of various devices. It usually performs functions of the devices like- fax, printer, email, scanner, and photocopier. It further has different segments, which depend on robustness or pages per minute (ppm).
  1. Desktop printers- These printers are either laser printers or inkjet printers that are generally utilized in enterprises and homes. These are small and usually fit onto tables, although these also have or are available in larger models like floor printers.
  1. Production printers- As the name suggests, these printers are for mass or huge volumes of printing booklets, pages, or manuals. Commonly, these printers begin with 60 pages per minute. Though this has been arguable, as some traders have claimed that to be eligible for the designation, it must produce around 100 pages per minute.
  1. Wide-format printers- These are also called large format printers. It prints on sizeable sheets of paper. The size of the paper is usually around or greater than 15 feet. Typically, it utilizes the technology of inkjet printers. These printers are useful for huge composition artworks like banners, architectural drawings, media sets, construction plans, theatrical backdrops, etc.

Above mentioned are the main types. You should select the model based on the nature of your enterprise. Evaluate its requirements, its operations, and also the affordability or the budget set for these appliances before selecting.

Management of printing services

While using these printing services, you need to manage it properly. The management of these does not only consumes a lot of time, but it also is costly. However, the costs can still be controlled by keeping track of patterns of usage, printing technology, and reducing waste.

Printing problems: –

  1. The printer stops printing, due to low ink, and if the ink cartridge is empty, then it can damage the printer.
  2. Paper jams- Paper gets jammed in the rollers of the printer.
  3. At times, printer’s rollers pull more than 1 sheet at a time.
  4. Often, printers have low print quality, or the printing quality degrades over time.
  5. Printers work slowly when taking commands or directions from any mobile, and This affects the efficiency.

These are the most common and existing printing problems today. Though these do not require one to go to any service centers, one can fix it himself or herself, provided they have minimum knowledge about it.

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