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In Search of a Capitalist Peace

After President Trump took out Major General Qasem Soleimani, Atlanticists were hoping the Islamic Republic of Iran would miscalculate and trigger another regime-change war. These neoconservatives wanted an excuse to resume their pursuit of a democratic peace in the greater Middle East. While Iran no longer has nine lives, democratic war was averted after their attack against American forces stationed in Iraq failed to generate casualties.

During his remarks on Iran, Trump gave the leaders of Iran a throffer. He first offered to “make a deal that allows Iran to thrive and prosper and take advantage of its enormous untapped potential.” He then issued a threat that NATO would soon “become much more involved in the Middle East process.” He made it clear that Iranians have two options: (1) change your ways and voluntarily join the capitalist peace, or (2) face the neoconservative dogs of war.

President Trump closed his remarks with his personal preference–“Finally, to the people and leaders of Iran, we want you to have a future and a great future, one that you deserve, one of prosperity at home in harmony. With the nations of the world, the United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it.”

Trump favors George Washington’s foreign policy approach over George W. Bush’s. He would rather promote peace, commerce, and honest friendship between nations than force nations unlike us to be just like us. Before him is an historic opportunity to end globalization without representation, checks, and balances. By doing so, he can end the Global War on Terror as well by forging a world order that respects national sovereignty while embracing cultural coexistence rather than global assimilation.

President Donald J. Trump must create the biggest brain trust in the history of the world to shape the post-Trump world order. The best way to prevent another world war or economic catastrophe is for Trump to hold a Capitalist Peace Summit before his first term ends. World leaders should inspire an international consortium of colleges and universities to facilitate an online Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention (CPEC) composed of leading free-market economists from developed and developing nations. Selected economists would represent competing capitalist doctrines such as the Keynesian, Islamic, and Austrian schools of thought.

The economists would first examine the myriad of organizations, institutions, and agreements governing the world economy. They would openly debate the pros and cons of establishing a new world economic order that minimizes planning and intervention in the world market. Topics of discussion would include how to: (a) establish a sound world monetary system; (b) level the economic playing field between the developed and developing worlds; (c) protect the rights of workers, (d) minimize corruption and cronyism, and (e) encourage competition.

The online CPEC must be transparent and offer all citizens from all nations a legitimate opportunity to comment and vote on proposed recommendations. At the end of the convention, the economists would draft a nonbinding Declaration for a Capitalist Peace and submit it to all CPEC participants for approval. If approved, the Declaration would serve as the foundation of a new social contract governing the world economy.

An online CPEC could prevent another bipolar economic disorder between the East and West from emerging. It could replace democratic war in the greater Middle East with a pursuit of a capitalist peace. Iranian leaders would have no choice but to change their nefarious ways and join the capitalist peace as Putin would no longer need them to undermine the West.

It would be fitting for President Trump to hold a Capitalist Peace Summit with world leaders right before the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly in September of 2020. If he fails to secure a capitalist peace now, globalists will establish a totalitarian world government later. They will take full advantage of another world war or economic catastrophe to impose their will on us all.

We are all populists now. Why should we wait for their catastrophe to happen? Soon it will be time to petition the White House to hold a Capitalist Peace Summit. We need to be 100,000 strong before we do. Please email capitalistpeace@gmail.com or visit capitalistpeace.com to join the Campaign for a Capitalist Peace.

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