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Could Drug Rehab Have Saved this Family?

Daily, we get news around the world, of individuals and families torn apart by the terrible effects of drug addiction. Drug addiction is a problem that affects not just the person addicted to it, but also the family and friends of the person. Addiction can go further to affect the finances, physical and emotional health of the family members to a point where the family bonds are almost severed. Battling drug addiction is a long and tough process that can take a toll on families. The severe emotional, physical and psychological challenges are always threatening to make the patient relapse and it takes a special determination to hold on till the goal of freedom from drug dependence is achieved.

Rehabilitation of a drug addict is a process that requires professional help if the patient is to fully recover and get his or her life going again. There are different drug addiction therapy regimens for a wide variety of drugs. Examples are cocaine rehab, heroin rehab, benz rehab, etc. The goal, however, is always the same –to be free.

Drug rehabilitation begins with a process called detoxification. Detoxification is the removal of the drug from the body in readiness for full treatment to begin. Detoxification is accompanied by either a total or gradual reduction of doses of the drug in question. These days, alternative drugs are prescribed and used in controlled doses to help patients wean off hard drugs. As they progress in therapy, they can then safely stop using the alternative drug and finally complete the process.

Drug rehab is not without its challenges. Already, the patient would have been facing challenges with health, family relationships, and other related issues and when they take the bold step to get therapy, these challenges might still be present. The major challenges a patient will face during rehab are known as withdrawal symptoms.

The brain of addicts, overtime, becomes dependent on drugs and when they are no longer used, the brain reacts in an effort to normalize. This can cause a variety of symptoms. Examples are insomnia, memory problems, aches, pains, anxiety, pangs of craving, suicidal thoughts, seizures, etc. very severe symptoms may even lead to death.

Drug rehab regimens take into consideration, the state of the patient and charts a path to follow to find relief from the symptoms. Patients can also get support from in-patient or out-patient clinics to help them recover fully.

Regular checkups with a physician, psychological assessment and counseling, gainful activities, sports and exercise, and spiritual support can also be included in the rehabilitation process. With time, focus, determination, and help, a drug addict can overcome the problem and lead a normal healthy life free of drug dependence.

When next you see an individual or a family ravaged by the terrible effects of drug and substance abuse or dependence, do not wonder “could drug rehab have saved this family?” Drug rehab is simply the way out for anyone that is addicted to drugs.

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