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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident happens and you are injured, it can be difficult to know how to proceed.

With a simple case, you may feel comfortable dealing with the insurance company yourself. If you have severe injuries, or there are circumstances in your case that involve questions of liability, it is a good idea to have a personal injury lawyer from Oshawa like Michelle Linka Law at your side to help navigate the process.

Here are 5 important reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

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1. They Have Experience

There are several ways that personal injury claims are settled. Often they either go through the insurance company as a claim or through a personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injury lawsuits never make it to trial, in fact, 98% of cases are settled out of court or through negotiations or arbitration with a mediator.

Your personal injury lawyers can explain all your options and help you choose the best course of action for your circumstances. Settling out of court often gives you a settlement much sooner than waiting for a trial and without the costs of court fees and trial lawyers.

2. They Are Expert Negotiators And Can Deal With The Insurance Company On Your Behalf

Insurance companies stay in business by paying out as little as possible in insurance claims. They also have teams of professionals working hard to argue against your case and find any discrepancies that could discount your claim. They are also shrewd negotiators and may make an initial offer that is well below what you are entitled to.

A personal injury lawyer has experience negotiating with insurance companies and knows the strategies and terminology they use to throw off customers. They can speak with them on your behalf and get you the settlement you deserve.

3. They’ll Collect Evidence for You

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Your personal injury lawyer will gather evidence, seek out witnesses and find research to support your version of the events. Often they have access to information and resources that are very difficult for members of the public to find.

Your personal injury lawyers are also experts at knowing what kind of evidence is needed to support your case.

4. They’ll Organize your Documents and Make Sure They are Filed and Submitted Accurately

Unless you’ve been in an accident before, it can be difficult to know what paperwork needs to be filed and what documents are required for a personal injury lawsuit. If you are still recovering from an injury it can make dealing with paperwork that much more frustrating.

A personal injury lawyer from top law firms in Toronto can help you cut through all the red tape and take the stress out of filing your documents and forms. They understand what paperwork is needed and will make sure it is filed on time.

5. They’ll Increase Your Chances of Getting A Larger Settlement

If you decide to file an insurance claim or go through a personal injury lawsuit, having a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process will improve your chances of getting a larger settlement. This is because:

  • Judges, insurance companies and defendants take your case more seriously if you have a lawyer.
  • Your lawyer can make sure you are getting the maximum amount for your claim and that the correct processes and procedures are followed so you don’t miss out on compensation.

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