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What to study in college to get a high-paid job

The cost of getting a degree is growing really fast, and those who are going to enter a college should think twice before selecting their majors. Making the wrong choice, you will regret missing an opportunity to get lucrative employment and having great career opportunities. One has to think twice or even more times before deciding what majors to choose. Your future career choices and a paycheck depend only on you. On average, those who have a college education earn twice more than those who decided not to waste time on getting a degree and can boast only with the high school diploma. Better think ahead and select not only an interesting major but the one that will help you make big bucks. 

Read about the highest paying bachelor degrees that will help you get a big shot position right after your graduation. 


If you are good at mathematics and science, then give preference to engineering. Graduates with an engineering degree can start their careers with rather high salaries, around $68.000. More than that, it is expected that the demand for engineering specialists will continue growing up to 2025. Robotics, renewable energy, nuclear, gas, and chemical are the most in-demand branches. The salary a graduate can get will depend on the chosen branch and a company, but keep in mind that all of the branches are well-paid. If you want to become a great engineer, it is vital to develop not only technical knowledge but social skills in order to get more employment opportunities. 


One of the best career choices is nursing. It is no wonder why so many students decide to get a nursing degree. Health-care specialists are always in high demand and can easily find employment all over the world. Being a nurse means earning rather good money right from the start and have a chance to help so many people. Keep in mind, getting a nursing degree is really challenging. You will be overwhelmed with homework and will deal with a pile of writing. Some students become desperate when they understand how many essays and research papers they have to provide daily. Do my homework online! – Undergraduates say when they look for some assistance with their nursing writings. Don’t be afraid of challenges, and don’t give up your dream to become a nurse. Nowadays, thousands of students benefit from various writing services that help them create their academic papers. To find the most reliable ones, go to and read reviews from students who have already ordered assignments from expert nursing writers. It will be silly to refuse to get one of the highest paying degrees because of challenging academic papers. 

Computer science

One more forward-looking major in the college career list is computer science. Specialists who have such a degree get around $68.000 a year right after graduation. In the future, there is a chance to get $93.600 if you become a Computer System Analyst or even $151.000 if you find employment as a Computer and Information System Manager. 

Human resources

At first sight, this major doesn’t look like a lucrative one, but this opinion is really mistaken. Human resource specialists can climb the ladder and get a managerial position. Being an HR manager, you will earn around $126.500. The main duties carried out by specialists who work in this field are to interview and hire applicants, resolve conflicts, and various issues that arise in the working environment. Human resource specialists are like intermediaries between an employer and those who wish to get employment in the company. Select this college major if you possess great social skills and are not afraid of challenges. 

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