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Simple tips to help you Harness the Optimum Efficiency Out of Your Smartphone Battery

With the increasing relevance of smartphones in our day-to-day activities, the one thing that might have overshadowed the role of our smart digital companion is its battery itself. After all, how smart of a device is your smartphone without a juiced-up battery? All the latest and advanced features bundled on your smart device are only as useful and practical as long as you have a sufficient and healthy battery bar to work with.

However, with the advanced iteration of chipsets and other crazy innovations packed into a single device, the rate of battery drainage has increased significantly. With the chipsets becoming more performance-centered and the camera set-ups boasting of mindboggling megapixels and other picture-friendly features, battery drainage continues to grow more rapid.

Thus, in order to utilize the optimum efficiency of your smartphone’s crazy specs, it is imperative to understand how to make the most efficient use of its limited battery capacity.

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  1. Always keep an external power bank on your backpack

Ask any tech enthusiast, and they are sure to will tell you that a reliable power bank is one of their most crucial and vital tech equipment they carry around wherever they go. Powerbanks act as a practical second battery unit for your device and help you utilize the full feature of your smartphone without having to worry about the diminishing battery status.

The zippy battery-draining aspect dramatically limits the practical application of your smartphone as it becomes almost impossible to use it for a full day without having to dock it up every now and then. An external power bank, on the other hand, allows you to always keep the battery status to the brim, so you don’t have to limit the application of your feature-packed smart device.

  1. Implement the old-fashioned slow-and-steady charging process

Most of the latest smartphones nowadays comes fully equipped with a fast-charging capability. The significant reduction in charging time that such fast-charging power bricks offer is undoubtedly a welcoming aspect. But, what most people don’t know is that these “fast charging” technologies can reduce your phone’s battery storage capacity.

This is primarily because the natural process of interaction between the lithium-ion and lithium metal between the electrodes is a slow process. Thus, the process of charging your conventional lithium-ion battery is more suited to the standard slow charging, and this also enhances the performance of your phone battery as well.

  1. Keep track of your phone battery temperature

If there is anything your phone battery loathes, it is the high magnitude of temperature it gets exposed to. Due to the feature-packed specification list on your smartphone along with the heavy-duty application you impose on it every day, it becomes extre

mely easy for your smartphone battery to heat up. Such a rise in temperature level can lead your smartphone to malfunction and slow down, not to forget the rapid drainage of battery it imposes on your device.

Some of the most common mechanisms that play a crucial role in increasing the temperature of your battery are playing high-graphic games, over-extended hours of internet browsing, and, of course, exposing your phone to a high-temperature environment. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you keep your battery temperature in check if you want to conserve the maximum efficiency of your device battery capacity.

  1. Stop enabling the vibration feedback

Battery drainage through vibration feedback is one of the minor aspects that not many people are aware of. Enabling the haptic feedback via a vibration mechanism when typing on your smartphone keyboard can seem extremely harmless and quite satisfactory as well. But, this simple process of responding to your capacitive inputs can drain out quite a significant chunk out of your battery storage capacity, especially if you spend a good amount on your phone typing every day.

  1. Don’t miss out on your timely system updates

System updates might have been the last thing you thought was somehow connected to your smartphone battery consumption aspect, but the actual reality is entirely contradicting. Android and iOS developers are constantly working towards improving the battery optimization aspect of their respective devices, and the equivalent process is applicable for various major smartphone brands as well.

Major smartphone brands such as Apple and Samsung have mastered the art of providing efficient battery optimization with their latest Operating System updates. As such, system updates play a crucial role in ensuring your device battery drainage is kept under an acceptable rate.

Apart from efficient battery optimization, system updates also provide the latest security patches and improve device compatibility features as well, which contributes to the overall performance of your smartphone.

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