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Important to know about- Story views Instagram new feature from

People from all around the world today use Instagram the multipurpose social media application. And there are so many reasons to love this outstanding application via which one can easily communicate with their old and new friends. On the other hand, there is no age limit to use Instagram thus, no matter if you’re a youngster, oldie or a teenager. One can easily access and enjoy the features offered by Instagram. The best part is this app keeps updating its features and one of the very popular features introduced by Instagram is – uploading stories.

Story views Instagram new features from is really appreciable by millions of people from all around the globe. This wonderful feature has already attracted many people towards Instagram who were never using the app ever before. Although, there are many other attractive features of the app too but the popularity of these features is huge because with the help of these features you can upload your post for duration of 24 hours only.

Instagram story views

It is the best way to increase your engagement towards your Instagram account today and from the time the features were added on the app. Forget creating a post just for attaining likes, writing a long caption to inform about the post, clicking pictures in different poses just to match the caption and all. If you really and genuinely want to see the engagement which you truly have it on your Instagram account or your Instagram page- upload a story which in other terms on Instagram is known as story status.

The story is nothing but a feature of the app like Instagram which allows you to upload any multimedia files like an image, video, etc. The content which you will upload on your story will stay there on your profile till 24 hours. But after 254 hours your followers and you yourself will not be able to see the updated story. This is the basic concept of an Instagram story in general. The best part is that you can easily see the people who have viewed your story just by opening the story. The more people will view your story, the more views you will generator on your story. And Instagram will also specify the total number of people who have viewed the story on a real-time basis.

It is a personal form of communication and interaction

Why it is personal because it is the views you will attain on your story is just seen by you and no one else. Therefore it is not similar to the likes which you generate on your photo or video update. In other terms it is personal because the person who can view your story can also react to your story with different emoji-like heart emoji, laughing emoji, sad and many more. Plus, the respond of the reactors is directly forwarded to the DMs of the profile holder. And you can only view what the person has responded, reacted, and commented on your story after opening your DMs- direct message. But this Story views Instagram new feature from is creating a lot of buzz and how is what you are going to know about in the below section of this article.

The importance of Story views Instagram new feature from business

It is much important to know who viewed your story for a business account. Reason- because the things which are updated on such accounts are mainly for the purpose of promoting things. The aim of the business account is to attain more and more views and likes on their post. This way they can analyse how much they have been liked by the audience. And is the digital marketing strategy which they applying for their company are working well for them or not.

The more the people will see their story, the more will be traffic and ultimately more customer base will be created to obtain the products from them. On the other hand, it is also important for-

 General public and celebrities

Yes, you read it right because by knowing the views on the story they can know how their fan base is accepting and reacting to work. And the more will be the views, the more new follower list can be generated via this. Social media presence these days plays a great role in supporting the brand image of the people. And to get more popular in the eyes of people you are targeting, one has to maintain and catch the competitive fight for getting likes and views to the post. But what if you are not getting enough views on your Instagram stories? Then, this can really impact your online as well as offline image and name in front of the public adversely. Thus, in this case, you have a better option and that is- reaching to the service providers who offer story views and work in this field of business.

Services providers

If you are willing to achieve more views on your Instagram story but your posts are not so attractive to attract more people towards your story organically. Then you should certainly try contacting the services providers who work to provides views on their customer’s Instagram story in return of some fixed-price rate. Some of the features which are really beneficial to the customers on the provider’s end are-


  • They assure 24X7 supporting services
  • They offer a guaranteed result
  • They are well experienced in this genre of business
  • The views for the story can be alerted as per the needs of the customers
  • Some of them offer services depending on gender like for males Instagram story it’s different and for females it is different
  • They work on generating organic views for their customer’s Instagram profile
  • They instantly work for increasing the views on their client’s story and deliver the specified result instantly
  • It is many affordable services
  • It is very much beneficial for business account holders
  • The services will help you to save your time

Now that you know all about Story views Instagram new feature from, book your service provider today.

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