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How To Hire A Moving Company

It doesn’t matter where you’re moving to or how short or far the move is, you’ll want to take your time and find a good moving company. When the time comes to hire a moving company, you’ll want to compare a few. When looking at moving companies, you’ll want to consider the following.

Services Offered

Not all moving companies offer the same services. You want to use a company that provides the services you need now, as well as the services you might need in the future. For example, hire a moving company that can take care of your residential move, but if you plan on running a business, then use a company that also offers commercial moving services.

Generally speaking, some of the services a moving company should provide include long distant moves, short distant moves, packing, specialty items such as moving pool tables, pianos, and so forth. They should be able to handle both residential and commercial moves.


Experience is important, and you want to use a moving company that has plenty of it. Bear in mind that experience doesn’t mean the number of years a moving company has been in business for. There’s a big difference between movers that have been in business for many years but has only done a few jobs and a mover who has been in business for a year but has performed dozens and dozens of moves in that period. In short, the more jobs a moving company has done, the more experience they will have.

With experience comes peace of mind. A company with sufficient experience will provide quality services. They know how to get the job done right, and your belongings will be in good hands. Always hire an experienced moving company.

Trained Workers

All of the movers employed by the company should be highly trained and qualified. Ask the moving company you’re thinking of using if their workers have been trained, how much experience do they have, and whether or not they hold any certifications or anything of that nature. The best moving companies ensure that their workers have been properly trained, and they may require their workers to receive ongoing training.

Have a look at the moving company’s website. Is there anything on there that mentions the training their workers have received? If not, then you should simply call the company and ask them directly.

Equipment Used

The equipment used by the moving company you’re thinking of hiring should be new or updated or at least well-maintained. The better the equipment, the more efficient the move will be. Equipment plays a major role in any kind of move, be it a residential or commercial move, or a long/short distant move.

Remember, moving companies use a lot more equipment than you think. They use moving trucks, dollies, safety equipment, and so forth. It doesn’t matter what equipment they use; it should be well maintained. The last thing you want is for your belongings to become damaged due to faulty equipment, and you certainly don’t want your move to be delayed because of poor equipment.


A moving company should carry insurance because if something happens to your belongings, then you want to make sure you’re covered. If a company doesn’t carry insurance, then you will have no recourse to getting funds to cover your stuff. Ask the company if they have a moving insurance and how much.

Also, ask the moving company if they are licensed. Depending on where you are, they may be required to have a special license to operate. Any good moving company will have no problems letting you know they are insured and licensed, if applicable.


Let’s not forget rates, but do not base your decision solely on what a company charges because the best moving companies don’t always charge the cheapest rates and the cheapest companies aren’t always the worse to do business with. Ask the company how much they charge and exactly what’s included with their services. The goal is to choose a company that gives you a lot for your money.

While you’re at it, ask for a quote. The best moving companies offer free estimates. Just make sure that the quote you receive includes everything. The last thing you want is to be hit with hidden fees that can make your move much more expensive.

As a general rule of thumb, most companies won’t give you an exact price. This is because they need to know all about your move, which typically entails going to your property. However, the estimate and the actual price shouldn’t be too big in difference. If they are, then consider hiring a different company.

Read Reviews

Finally, read reviews. It’s almost a guarantee that most moving companies have testimonials on their websites, but those testimonials are going to be positive. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you should check out testimonials on their websites, but you also want to take the time to read reviews on third-party websites. As a general rule, have a look at a few different review websites, but try to use sites that have verified their reviews.

What are the majority of reviews saying about the companies you’re researching? If most of them are positive and only a handful of them are painting the moving company in a bad light, then the chances are the company is good. Remember, even the best moving companies out there are bound to have a few negative reviews that aren’t justified, but this is the case with any company in any industry.

As long as a mover has more good reviews than negative ones, then you should be fine. If they have more bad than good, then think twice. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you do as much research into a moving company as you possibly can.

If you want to hire a moving company, then make sure you hire one that offers the services you need. The company you hire should have plenty of experience performing moves, have highly trained workers, good equipment and they should have insurance. Their rates should be reasonable, and they should provide you with a free estimate.

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