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How can ITIL 4 Foundation benefit ITpreneurs?

While choosing a schema to implement on the various cycles for your organisation, choosing one out of the many options may seem like a daunting task. Even as an individual, taking up certifications only based on what your company follows may not be the ideal solution in terms of expanding your base and eligibility for the next steps in your career. ambitious you can even implement changes in lifestyle and have better work-life balance if you take serious note of the radical thinking that many of these certifications as you draw parallels between human and computer! When it comes to ITSM, the clear answer is and has always been ITIL since its inception. The latest iteration, ITIL 4 foundation certification which was released in Feb 2019 is making the rounds among individuals and organisations both small and big. Discussing the validity of ITIL 4 in your organisation is a crucial step that requires careful examination. Here are a few key points about ITIL 4 that could help you bring the next big step in your career as well as business.

  1. Stronger correlation between IT and Business: ITIL can be considered the step-stool that brings ground level IT functions closer to larger business strategies. The ITIL framework enables larger interaction with clients and contractors and closes the loop on every functional cycle in the organisation.
  2. Integrating systems and workflows: With the advent of technology ever on the rising path, it becomes a crucial step to consider that one model of approach for a particular team in the organisation may not be good for another. ITIL can help you take advantage of several development workflows and collaboratively works between cross-functional teams to carry forward the company vision. This also one of the biggest advantages for individuals to take up ITIL 4 foundation course, as it can be seen as an all-round performer.
  3. Improves reliability: Incident management and problem management are a large part of ITSM that oftentimes is on the backburner during the development phase. Apart from the obvious advantages of minimising disruption and improving stability, ITIL 4 helps integrate processes and policies that allow for eliminating root causes. Placing a large emphasis on continuous improvement not just in development, but the post-development phase is crucial in binding the forces that propel the company and individual to greater heights. 
  4. FM accountability: The problem with mounting costs on IT services, is that it may impact the integration of improved technology into IT systems. Taking longer to get ahead of the game, only means slower profit growth. ITIL 4 harps on setting up large parts of internal work with cost transparency as the core. With a close eye on the detailed metrics, you can make better budget decisions.
  5. Change Management and Agility: The change managers of today, have been through some tumultuous records. Integration of cloud services; changing from traditional models towards Agile, Scrum and DevOps, integration of data management and analytics; automation – keeping track of implemented changes, while making room for more changes is a crucial  tool in the box that several companies miss out on. Fore-thinking in terms of leaving room for more and being on the get-go at every step takes practice and strict adherence to best practices – an area that ITIL 4 serves well in. Just saying continuous improvement is part of our motto is not enough. Planning towards making room for said improvements is the key.
  6. Torchbearer for digital transformation: With IoT, quantum computing, AI and robotics slowly becoming a reality that we witness/use on a daily basis, having the ability to make informed decisions to integrate and grow with the latest is the challenge that Industrial revolution 4 brings us. With ITIL 4 placing immense importance on this crucial step, you can sit back and relax while the practices and processes do what they do best and allow the natural flow of things to occur at your organisation organically. A human-centric mindset is still the core of all things new, and ITIL 4 gives you the key to unlocking the potential of being different from the rest.
  7. Holistic approach: Several workflows and process parameters fail from the drawback of only being able to optimize one area or sector in an organisation. With the end-to-end model of ITIL 4, individuals and organisations benefit from standardizing certain frameworks that allow participation of the entire workforce.

With all these things to keep in consideration, implements ITIL right isn’t easy and getting yourself an ITIL 4 foundation training can go a long way in streamlining the future missions of your organisation and you.

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