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Are You Eligible for an Immigration Bond?

There are certain criteria for someone to be eligible for an immigration bond. He or she must meet the following standards such as:

  • He or she should not have committed or been convicted with a certain kind of serious crime.
  • He or she must not be an alien on his/her country of arrival or
  • Someone who is applying for admission at a port of entry.

But first, let us understand what a bond is and how the immigration views it. The bond, which is usually posted by an immigration bail bonds company is what immigration requires as a promise that the suspect will attend all of his or her hearings. He or she will guarantee that if the court will release them from detention, they will attend to all their hearings and do what the judge asks them to do, even if it involves deportation. Keep in mind, if the suspect gets out of detention on bond, it does not mean an end on their deportation case. They will still have to attend to all of their scheduled court hearing dates. If a suspect fails to attend even just one hearing, they will most likely be deported without the chance to provide evidence and support themselves to the Judge or request for a permit to stay in the U.S. Their bond money will be gone.

Are You Eligible for a Bond?

A suspect or detainee is eligible for a bond if they prove that they won’t HARM the community and are NOT at risk during flight. For instance, a suspect will not be eligible for a bond due to certain criminal convictions or they have been deported in the past. In other cases, some courts refuse to grant a bond to detainees or suspects who they think are not cooperative to their rules and how they answer the questions. The suspect has to meet with their pro bono immigration attorney about the case before the very first scheduled hearing at the court sets foot in order for them to find out if they are eligible for an immigration bond.

How Can Someone Request for a Bond Hearing?

The court may give certain paperwork with a bond price or the words “no bond.” The suspect can request the judge to provide a bond hearing and take into consideration by setting a bond or giving an amount lower than the price set at first. There are a few ways to request a bond hearing:

  • Ask the judge during your first court hearing that you would like a bond hearing the earliest time possible. Bond hearings are completely different from deportation court hearings, despite the suspect being asked to present the bond case to the same judge who considered the suspect’s deportation case ruling. If the detainee or suspect requests for a bond hearing when they are at court, the appointed judge will normally provide them a hearing in the following days or weeks.
  •  Write a letter to the judge for a bond hearing request. Don’t forget to write the suspect’s name, A-number, and the request to have a bond hearing the earliest time possible. This letter should be sent to the address of the Immigration Court in your particular state.

If the bond hearing is set to be scheduled earlier than expected and the suspect is still gathering evidence, he or she can tell the judge that they are still waiting and processing more letters and that they would like to reschedule the bond hearing.

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