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A Scratch World Map Can Change The Way You Travel

Do you have big dreams about traveling the world? is right there with you. Created by a group of friends who loved traveling so much they wanted to inspire others to travel too, their world scratch off map has become a staple for globetrotters everywhere. Track your travels, plan trips, and bring home warm memories that will last you a lifetime.

Most of the time, a scratch world map is mass produced with cheap materials. Not the case with maps. Every world scratch off map – sold at is hand-painted by local artisans before being printed on premium quality poster paper. They stand out from other scratch off maps we’ve found for this reason alone. 

In case you don’t already know, a scratch off world map poster is a fresh way to track your travels and plan new ones. Every time you visit a new country, scratch off the outer layer of foil from your scratch world map to reveal the hidden colors beneath. It’s a fun, interactive way to see where you’ve been. Even kids will get into it.

Instead of coming home with souvenirs that will eventually break and turn to dust, a world scratch off map will last you a lifetime. This personalized keepsake will bring you warm memories every time you look at it. Hang it on the wall in your living room, bedroom, office, or kid’s room and be inspired to travel more. A scratch off world map poster sparks imagination in children and adults and motivates people to get off the couch and actually explore the world they live in. makes it easy to be inspired. They have a scratch off world map poster for both children and adults. Their kid’s edition world scratch off map is fun for toddlers and grade school kids. It’s never too early to start planning your next big adventure. Every scratch world map for kids comes with 50 cute animal cards, also hand-designed by artists. On the back of the cards you’ll find fun facts about the animals waiting to be discovered around the world. 

The original world scratch off map is similar to the kid’s edition, except it’s covered in gold foil instead of silver. The included bucket list gives you ideas for must-see places, or you can make your own bucket list using your world scratch off map for inspiration. Newverest includes push pins with each of their maps, which you can use to mark any places that interest you. 

Whether you choose a scratch world map for you, your children, or a friend or family member, know that your travel aspirations will only grow bigger and your plans to see the world will become easier than ever. So go ahead and dream big, is there to help turn those dreams into a reality. 

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