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3 best flight radar services that are used worldwide

Stay aware of civic flights with the help of Flightradar24

This insightful flight tracking service has gained its popularity due to the user-friendly interface and its simple and clear functionality. The core feature of this service is that it shows the world map with all the civil aircraft spotted in their current location. The map is very detailed and you can easily scroll it to choose any country or area where the civic aircraft can fly. What is more important, you can see a flight designator of every aircraft that is currently in the sky just by pointing at it with mouth or your fingers depending on what device you are using at this moment. Moreover, Flightradar24 also allows its users to search for a particular flight by flight designator, airline or airport. Additionally, by targeting a particular airport, users can get more information such as live weather conditions or delay reports.

Use the FlightStats app to track the flights with your Apple watch

The service known as FlightStats is also widely used by aircraft passengers throughout the world. When speaking about its most obvious upside, it should be stated that this live flight tracking service remembers every flight the user has checked and stores this information in the My Flights section making it accessible later in an easy way. Similar to other best flight radar services, this flight tracking app offers a map in which you can see the exact position of the aircraft you are currently interested in. It can be also synchronized with your Apple Watch, so you can look over the flight details even when the aircraft is on its way to the airport of your destination. Keep in mind that users of this service are allowed to customize their Apple Watch face with a special widget providing all necessary data even without opening the app on their device.

Fans of retro designs should consider the Flight Board flight tracking service

Those dedicated travelers who think of airports as of their second home might be very pleased to discover that the interface of this particular service is very similar to old-fashioned arrivals and departures board. The thing is that the authors of this flight tracking system decided to differentiate their product through the unusual combination of old-school UI design and ultra-modern techs allowing the users to be well aware of the flight details. When speaking about how this flight tracking service operates, it should be noted that it provides the information from almost every airport throughout the world giving updates every 60 seconds in real-time. To say more specifically, this flight radar service processes the civic flight info from nearly 16,000 airports and almost 1,500 airlines. Surely, this useful flight tracking service also enables customers to check the flight status of the necessary aircraft by flight number, airline or the airport of destination. Moreover, this service also allows individuals to switch between the arrivals and departures board at a particular airport in the blink of an eye.

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