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10 Trending Eyewear Fashion in Hollywood

Hollywood is probably one of the most famous places that greatly influences fashion. Because Hollywood is where most famous celebrities are known, fashion statements in this area are trending all over the world. From headwear to eyewear to footwear, people follow what seems to be new in this area to look fashionable and stylish.

Trending Eyewear Fashion

Aside from clothing and shoes, eyewear fashion is also trending in Hollywood. If a famous celebrity wears it, say, Kendall Jenner, people would go crazy and buy that same pair. You don’t need the blazing sun to wear sunglasses as well as prescription lenses to look stylishly nerdy; you just need to know how to pull it off. Here are a few of the trending eyewear fashion in Hollywood as of the moment:

1. White Frame Sunglasses

White sunglasses in whatever style goes well with any fashion. It gives you a very classic and sleek look making you look classy and elegant. White sunglasses usually go well with black tinted lenses. There really is something with white sunglasses that make you want to buy them right when you see one on display. You can never go wrong with white sunglasses!

2. Cat Eye Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses makes you look very feminine. One of the most popular persons who made this style famous is Audrey Hepburn, who wore a pair in her 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Since then, everyone went crazy over Cat-eye sunglasses.

3. Round Sunglasses

Everyone seems to be wearing this type of sunglasses. Most of the people wear it in the color black. This type of sunglasses gives you a retro vibe making you look chic and cool. One person who pulled this off quite perfectly is Rita Ora.

4. Aviator Sunglasses

This is a cool classic! An old and vintage type of sunglasses, which is still very much in fashion up to this day. You can wear this with smart or casual outfits depending on the color of your lenses. Aviators come in different styles and colors. Make sure you wear one that suits your outfit and your character.

5. Oversized Sunglasses

This is the type of sunglasses that compliment people with oblong-shaped faces. If your face is round-shaped, it’s best to wear the ones that are angular, giving a contrast to your round-shaped face making it look narrower. Square-shaped faces would look good with round-framed glasses, again, providing contrast to your natural face shape. If you’re aiming to look classy like a movie star, you might as well get a pair for yourself.

6. Clear-Framed Eyeglasses

Eyewear fashion doesn’t need to have tinted lenses. You can rock your style with a pair of clear-framed eyeglasses while you stroll around the city. This is probably the latest eyewear that got into the fashion trend this year. If you’re looking for a pair of elegant fashion eyeglasses, you have found them.

7. Lightweight Metal Eyeglasses

Metal eyeglasses speak of elegance and class. This is perfect if you’re trying to achieve a professional or office look. These types of glasses are usually favored by men but some women prefer these too. If your face shape is round or rectangular, round frames would fit you perfectly. The most famous type of metallic glasses is the ones with double bridges. A pair of gold metal glasses are perfect for unorthodox and quirky outfits.

8. Vibrant Red-Framed Glasses

Are you a diva? A fashionista? You should probably get yourself a pair of red-framed glasses. Tinted or not, it gives you a bold, fiery, and flirty look. People would definitely give you a double look with this visible pair. No matter your outfit, you would look stylish and fashionable with this pair.

9. Circle Round Glasses

If you’re going for a retro or vintage look, a pair of circle round glasses is what you’re looking for. What’s old has come to life again. Round glasses would look best on angular faces to provide contrast. Any color would look fashionable but whatever color you want, bright or dark, would definitely not go unnoticed.

10. Colored Contact Lenses

Aside from the different eyewear that’s trending, colored contact lenses are entirely another way to rock your fashion. Colored contact lenses come in many different styles, from different patterns to sophisticated colors. Some of the usual colors are blue, gray, green, honey, and brown. The natural colors are the usual contact lenses the people go for. Ttdeye brown contacts are super natural, making it look like your real natural eye color.

The ones with patterns are typically used by cosplayers and actors to supplement and complete their costumes. But if you want to look sophisticated on a regular day, go for it.

More about Eyewear Fashion

There is a lot more eyewear fashion that has probably not gotten into the trend yet, but I guarantee you, the ones listed above would totally rock your outfit. But you have to remember, when choosing a pair of glasses, you have to take note of your face shape and the style you’re trying to achieve. Choosing fashionable eyewear isn’t as easy as 123; you’re also going to have to consider your whole outfit and see if your eyewear matches your OOTD. But whatever happens, you would totally rock your outfit with the perfect pair of eyewear!

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