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Useful Tips For Small Business Website Design

Small business website design is something a lot of smaller companies don’t spend enough time on. In short, they should. Here are some tips for small business website design.

It Should Be Clean

A website of a small business needs to be clean and clutter-free but captivating. An overcomplicated website with too much information might overwhelm the senses of visitors. A simple and uncluttered website gives a professional look. The ultimate goal is to allow users to have a pleasant and useful viewing experience. Too much information or a cluttered design affect the user experience negatively.

Easy for Google to Find and Crawl

It is important to ensure indexing of your small business website by search engines such as Google. The key to indexing is a proper site map, content with relevant keywords, proper URLs and uncluttered design. Basic SEO is necessary for a small business website. You should use SEO friendly CMS for building and maintaining the business website.

Mobile Friendliness

Google has announced a shift to mobile-first index. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your small business website is responsive. A responsive website simply means that the design will rearrange or adapt itself when the website is accessed on mobile devices. However, a lot more needs to be done to make the website mobile friendly in the true sense. Your small business website should always offer a user-friendly experience regardless of the device size.

Inbound Leads

A small business website serves various functions but an important function is to capture as many inbound leads as possible. In many cases, people like to do some research before they decide to buy it as most do not want to buy immediately. You should utilize this time gap to try and get their email addresses in order to keep in touch with them and to figure out the right time to push them to buy. However, emails shouldn’t be sent without thinking as too many emails might put off a potential buyer.

Make It Easy for People to Contact You

It might seem intuitive but you’ll find several small business websites that completely overlook the need to have easily accessible contact information. Your website should prominently display your email address and phone number. Ideally, every single page should have it at the top and the bottom. Your website should also have a CONTACT page which should include the physical address of your business, email address, contact numbers, a map with directions to reach the business, and hours of operation of your business.

Professional Branding

A small business website should have a professional look consistent with the brand. The prominent colors in the brand logo should be the colors on your website. You should also seriously consider hiring the services of a web design company specializing in small business websites to achieve a professional look for your website. Choose a few fonts and make sure your website uses only those fonts. The images and graphics should complement other elements on the website.

Simple and Unique Design

You have the option of creating your small business website on your own or you can hire a website design company for the same but the ultimate objective is to have a website that properly reflects your brand. Just like in real-world, the first impression is also important in the digital world. If your website looks like a cookie-cutter website and is similar to various other websites online, it will fail to have any kind of impact on the visitor. Homepage of your website is the most important page as this is where most people land. You need to ensure that it is designed well in order to get the visitor’s attention.

A website that looks bad seriously discourages visitors from visiting again. In today’s times, smooth navigation is taken for granted by visitors. They expect to go to various pages of your website without any unnecessary issues. A website that is overloaded with information or is too cluttered will drive viewers away to the competitors. Therefore, your focus should be to achieve a user-friendly, clean and simple website that doesn’t have any unnecessary embellishments and frills.

Speak to the experts at and ensure you are getting the right website for your business.

Products and Services Display

Various small business websites typically fail to effectively present their products and services. In some cases, too many services and products are clubbed together on a single page which leads to clutter and negatively affects user experience. In the digital world, it takes only a few seconds to win or lose a potential buyer.

You need to ensure a professional first impression. In case your business sells products online, you need to ensure that the product images and descriptions are appropriate and crisp. In addition to a great looking website, you also need to ensure good placement of your products and services in order to prevent customers from going elsewhere.

Fast Loading Website

Online visitors these days expect everything to happen instantly. This also applies to your website and your website should load as quickly as possible. You should have the right server infrastructure and adequate bandwidth to support quick loading of your website. If website design includes too many graphics, it will increase the loading time and that might distract potential customers. A good web host can also help in improving the site loading time.

Quality Content

The content on your business website needs to be relevant and high quality. Content quality and usefulness plays a major role in search engine indexing and rankings. Content quality and quantity affect the indexing of your website in the search engines. Irrelevant or useless content puts off potential customers whereas high quality content attracts viewers. Pay special attention to the headlines as headlines have a lot of impact on making a visitor stay on your website.

Recent research reports have shown that the number of mobile users has gone above the number of desktop users and therefore, it’s important for your small business website to ensure quick loading without any issues. Google has already announced that websites need to load fast and therefore, page speed has now been included in the ranking algorithm as a key element. Experts recommend a loading time of less than three seconds for a small business website in order to label it efficient. You can measure the page loading time for your website with the help of Google’s Page Speed Tool.

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