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Translating Service – Why use a certified Service?

Are you stranded to get those academic document requirements out of the way? while the deadline is too close for comfort. Or is your paperwork process stuck and needs a professional to lay an eye on it? 

Most immigration and educational authorities require certified document translations, or sworn documents. Under such circumstances one has to hire a professional or a translation agency, that will take the responsibility of accepting your documents and then sworn them with their legal agency stamp and ID. 

Understanding Sworn or Certified Translation

Certified translation is one that is a signed statement that the documents are true and of correct translation. You will need to make sure the translator or the agency hired to do the job, it certified themself, are reliable and are professionals providing you with this service and not a scam. 

Certified translations are often a requirement when dealing with official documents, transcripts, contracts, and so on. One of the main reasons for hiring a translation agency is because the receiving authority cannot read both languages and rely on an intermediary that is certified to provide assurance of the documents as verified, accurate and complete. 

A sworn translator is one who certifies the translations by attaching them to the original documents and adding a formal declaration of accuracy. This declaration is accompanied by the translator’s official stamp.

Why the need for a certified translator?

When applying to international universities or applying for immigration, then both the university and immigration authorities require authentic and accurate documents. In some instances, other documents like contracts and marriage documents that are in the native language need to be translated and verified as accurate. For most European countries, most legal and administrative documents need to be completed by a sworn translator as well. Always check with the agency or the translator so you are also meeting the correct criteria. 

At times, a notarized translation is also required. This is an additional level of authentication requirement by the agency or authority you are submitting your documents to. For a notarized translation, the agency should sign a statement of accuracy in front of a notary public who then signs and stamps on the documents, thus verifying the translator. Though the notarised public does not understand both party/country languages, therefore, they do not most likely validate the accuracy of the translation.  

What to look for in a translator/ translation agency?

When you require certified translation services, then the first rule for you should be to keep a checklist of requirements from the authority or immigration office where your documents need to be submitted. Some authorities are familiar with certain certified translation agencies and recommend working with them only, as they know their work. This seems like the most important criterion, for a certified service, as this also helps to avoid any further delays. You can be rest assured your documents will be accepted. 

Getting certified documents is not too expensive. It is affordable by almost all, just finding the right translator/translation agency is most important.

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