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Top 5 Gold IRA Companies and What You Should Know About Them

These days, it’s pretty safe to say that most people are familiar with the tax benefits that IRA accounts offers them. One of the most appealing features of an IRA account is the ability to grow your investments in stocks, bonds, and other paper assets on a tax-deferred or exempt basis.

However, many people are still spooked from the beating that their retirement funds took during the 2007 financial market crisis. In response, many are now looking at alternative asset classes to diversify their holdings.

Not content with adding risk to their portfolios in the hopes of striking gold, many people are choosing instead to invest in gold itself via Gold IRA accounts.

How to find the best Gold IRA companies

  • Do your research:
    These days, all respectable IRA fund companies have an online presence. Make sure you check out their website, read about their products and see what kind of reputation that have online via customer reviews.

  • Talk to the company:
    You should always give your company a direct phone call to get a feel of what their customer service is like. You can also interact with them via their social media pages. How they treat you is worth more than their weight in gold.

  • Time to set up your Gold IRA account!
    Once you feel you have a reasonable grasp about the company culture and their price schedules, you’re ready to get into business with your new Gold IRA company.

The Top 5 Gold IRA Companies

  1. Lear Capital:
    Lear Capital have been involved in precious metals investments for over 20 years and have done over $3 billion dollars worth of transactions. According to Trust Pilot their client service is exceptional (you get a personalized rep), especially when it comes to educating their clients about their Gold IRAs.
  2. American Hartford Gold Group:
    This LA-based family business specializing in helping walk clients through the process of buying, selling and storing precious metals for the IRA accounts. The famous buyback program reduces liquidation fees and they provide full transparency throughout the process.

    That being said, they somehow failed to include their prices on their online catalogs!

  3. Augusta Precious Metals:
    Augusta is a full-service provider of physical gold and silver products for IRA accounts. Their service team is comprised of knowledgeable individuals who take the time to answer your questions as well as educate you on all aspects of investments in precious metals.

    Hate paperwork? No worries. Agusta has all your paperwork needs handled personally by their experienced staff from beginning to end.

  4. Noble Gold:
    Noble Gold was formed out of the distrust that the co-founders, Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume, developed about their industry. Instead of placing the focus on raking in client cash, the company placed the focus on the client instead by providing them with true service and value.

  5. GoldCo Precious Metals:
    Although focused solely on Gold and Silver, GoldCo is an online retailer of precious metals and focuses mainly on individual investors. GoldCo offers their famed Self-Storage Gold IRA product which allows clients to set up their IRA via an LLC.

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