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Top 10 Autumn and Winter Flowers

With winter approaching, it’s safe to say that life is getting a little more depressing. One way to combat the gloom is with beautiful flowers. The lovely contrast between white snow and colourful plants is sure to decore even the darkest of days.

  1. Caring for Late Bloomers

We all know how harsh winter can be for our gardens. However, taking a few steps to prepare your plants for the cold season can go a long way. For example, clearing the debris that has accumulated over the summer is a step in the right direction. Sources from Send Flowers, a famous flower shop from London, say that shielding delicate plants from the cold is paramount. According to experts from this company, the best way to protect outdoor flowers is to coat their foliage with fabric spray! You can also cover the plants using old sheets, tarps, or even newspapers for an extra layer of protection.

For indoor plants, most people believe they require little to no care during the winter. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want your flowers to strive, make sure to mist them a few times a day (especially for plants that strive in humid weather). It’s also important to wipe them down, as unusual as that may sound. This allows the plants to “breathe” better.

Finally, research your flower’s watering habits. Plants usually grow slower in the winter, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be watered. Tip: Stick your finger a few centimeters into the soil. If it comes out dry, your beautiful plant needs more water.

  1. Top 10 Autumn & Winter Flowers
  • Dahlias are an autumn staple. There are many species to choose from, and some bloom even into late autumn. The best part about dahlias is the variety of colours they come in. For autumn, red and orange seem the most season-appropriate, although you can choose colours such as white, pink, or even burgundy.
  • Begonias contain more than 1800 species! Some of them can be grown indoors as ornaments. Pick Begonia “Fragrant Falls”, which can bloom well into November for a beautiful, rose-pink hue in your home.
  • Crocuses (or croci) are named jewels of the autumn for a reason. Go for the classic purple colour, or choose the exotic Crocus Cancellatus for its divine blue petals. Keep in mind that crocuses strive in dry weather, so make sure to shelter them from rain.
  • Nerines are stunning to look at, no matter the season. The lily-like plant’s colour palette ranges from white to pink, and even crimson. Despite its African origins, the species Nerine bowdenii is surprisingly sturdy in the UK weather.
  • Hellebores are also known as Christmas Roses, a beautiful name for a flower that blooms into the middle of winter. Pick and choose between white, green, and dark red hues to brighten your space.
  • Daffodils might be a surprising addition to the list. However, some of them bloom so early that they come up in winter! The earliest bloomer is called Narcissus “Rijnveld’s Early Sensation” and can be found as early as January. What a way to welcome spring!
  • Pansies are specifically cultivated as a garden flower, so the variety of shades they come in shouldn’t be surprising! They strive in pots, so they needn’t much space. Despite their small stature, the impact they have on a winter’s window is astounding, as they light up the whole house.
  • Winter aconites are a yellow treat for the season! They tend to grow underneath trees and shrubs and prefer moist soil. With proper care, they will accompany you all the way until spring.
  • Stephanotis flowers are breath-taking, however, they are difficult to care for. They require a lot of rain and high humidity to strive. For most people, they will be indoors for the winter. Unfortunately, they hate changes in their environment and prefer to live in greenhouses. However, with proper care, Stephanotis can survive year-round.
  • Cyclamen makes an excellent autumn plant! Go for the C. Hederiforium for its silver flowers, perfect for the pre-winter season. The species is dormant in summer when other stunning flowers take its place in the spotlight.
  1. A Vibrant Winter

Just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean it’s the end of your garden. With the right flowers, proper care and a little bit of luck, your winter home can be as vibrant and green as ever, regardless of the gloomy weather.

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