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Scary Things that Your Carpet May be Keeping from You

Spring cleaning is usually the time of the year everybody fears the most. It requires that you go down deed and clean all the parts of the house that you forgot even existed.

But when it comes to carpets people mostly think that it is quite enough to simply vacuum them. That is completely wrong. Carpets hold all sorts of secrets from us that sometimes cannot be resolved by simply vacuuming it.

Carpets are a mystery, we don’t really think about what is going on there. All we know is that we constantly walk on them and do not stop to realize what microbe things might be hiding inside. Many professional companies try to emphasize the health benefit of cleaning your carpets. Many of them promote their services and The Red Carpet even resolves this matter with advanced equipment. This is one of the reasons why many people are striving towards professional help, but there are still many that think that there is nothing to fear in our rugs.

If you are still not a believer, here are some of the dirty little secrets your carpets are holding back.

There Are a Lot of Bugs in Carpets

Don’t scream, but a carpet is a genuine bug cemetery. A study revealed that our carpets harbor a lot of dead insects that get caught up in it. The carpets do not come with them they simply get filled with bodies over time. Many insects simply get caught up in them and die.

Luckily there is a solution. You simply have to vacuum regularly so you get them out. Additionally, you can prevent bugs from getting in your home by patching up all holes around windows or doorways.

Allergies Abound

Carpets are riddled with allergens. Many people suffer from allergies and it doesn’t boast for them to have a dirty carpet. If you notice that you are getting allergies often you might consider that it is your carpet’s fault. There are literally tons of them and you don’t really have to run your face in it to get it. They simply spring up while you are walking or moving about.

The solution is still vacuuming and cleaning the carpet as often as possible. If you are a person who suffers from allergies then you can vacuum twice or three times a week.

More Mold than You can Simply Imagine

Carpets soak up all the liquid faster than you can say “oops!” A carpet is essentially like a sponge and everything you spill on it will be gathered in the carpet really fast. Eventually, all the damp spots become a breeding ground for mold. Additionally, mold is the cause for all the allergens that seep in your carpet and there is also the smell.

The solution is simple – Don’t spill anything on your carpet! However, if you are clumsy enough to do so make sure to get all the liquid fast and dry out the spot as well. You can also use an enzyme cleaner which will prevent it from spreading.

Skin Flakes All over the House

If you didn’t know, the majority of the dust we have around us is made up of bits of our skin. Humans constantly shed skin cells as they are regenerated with new ones. But all those skin flakes have to go somewhere and they usually simply drop down to the carpet before floating around the air a bit. Skin flakes are not so bad but they do attract mites as it is their main course to feed on. The waste that dust mites create is the biggest cause of allergies.

To resolve this issue you do have to clean the carpet thoroughly each time you are doing it. Do not treat it especially only during spring cleaning. Vacuum it regularly and do a thorough scrub from time to time.

If you haven’t thought of a good story to talk about during Halloween, scary stories about your carpet could be a good one. It will scare everyone to death to know what mysteries lie beneath our feet.

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