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Know How to be Better at Scrabble

There are some finer points of playing scrabble that die-hard players try to keep secret. Knowing what they are and how to play them will give you an advantage. Read the rules of the game carefully. get to know them inside out and be ready to defend your corner vigorously if challenged. These are three game winning tactics that obey the rules.

Skipping a turn

Are you the type of person to test luck? Would you take a significant risk and skip your turn? Well, maybe that is a good move. Observe and be daring enough to do your preparation for a stronger comeback. This way, you will not be settling in for a lower score.  

Keep a close watch on the other players’ moves. Try to take down the incomplete words which can help you or choose your own words if they help get a higher score. In your mind, have a rough sketch of the ways you think you can play your tiles and collect points.

 Swapping your rack

Sick of all the vowels you get in your frame? Yes, it does create a blockage to forming new words in your head. Try to swap them with another player. Ideally, low point tiles should be exchanged for higher values. Unused tiles are no use and keep your thinking tangled. The real technique is to know when and with whom to do this. Make a smart move because, in this attempt, you are also giving up your turn: make it worthy. 

Less is more technique

The most significant advantage in scrabble is gaining the most points with the least moves. This, however, comes with technique and wit. Create words that add to ones on the board in such a way that you get points even for the two-letter formation unintentionally formed. Two-Letter words you were previously unaware of also enhance your vocabulary while you keep scoring from them.

 Simple words like “to” and “so” are not the only ones. ‘Za’ and ‘jo’ are other examples acceptable in Scrabble. These words are crucial when you need to collect more points and take advantage of the opponents’ words. 

 Big words are not difficult to make. But the catch is making enough words to cover the scoring blocks of the double and triple score before your opponent makes it there. Be wise with the choice of words and their placements, so you connect with more words and do not leave them open-ended as an opportunity to the other players.  If you know the rules of Scrabble, and they vary from country to country, you can use them but you can expect your opponent to know them too. You can use the online resources, like you can try a word unscrambler to learn better words to take control of the game. The skill is to know how and when to use those words and tricks so you gain an advantage. Whether you are swapping tiles or skipping your go or relying on small words to close off and block, you need to play with your cards to chest for as long as can or your opponent will catch on and blow your game play.

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