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Is Satellite Internet Good Enough For You?

There are a wide number of high-speed internet options available in the market these days. ISP’s are competing actively with one another to cater the masses better and this competition opens up many options for the public. Satellite internet is one of the available options. The big question here is whether you should choose satellite internet for your need of internet connectivity or not. To answer that question, a number of factors need to be taken into account and only then, one can determine whether it’s the right fit for you.

How does satellite internet work?

First, let’s give a brief background regarding how satellite internet works. A signal is initially sent from the modem through the connected device. This signal goes to the attached dish which in turn sends the signal to the respective satellite orbiting around the earth. That satellite then returns the signal in the form of internet to the device. Sounds quite simple, right? A router is generally required in the setup that transmits the Wi-Fi signals in a closed vicinity, which can be used by various connected devices.

Benefits of satellite internet

Take note that the speeds offered by satellite options can easily be countered by cable and fibre net options from various internet service providers. The satellite has its own areas where it outshines other selections and if you fall under these metrics, then satellite might be a good fit for you. Here is a list of those metrics:

  • Living in rural environments

This might be the biggest perk of satellite internet options. They are available where other internet options fail to perform. If you live in a rural setting, there is a high probability that the local infrastructure would not support other modes of high-speed connectivity like DSL and Fibre. A satellite can be your saviour in this regard. With coast-to-coast internet services available, you are able to land a dependable and affordable satellite internet deal from a number of providers.

  • On-the-go connectivity

For people relying on mobile connectivity, carrying your internet package around with you could be quite a nuisance. Satellite internet options can be very beneficial in such scenarios due to multiple reasons. Firstly, their range is far superior so there is a chance then even if you are roaming around the countryside in your RV, satellite internet can be availed over there, easily. Secondly, satellite service providers often offer mobile contracts that allow you to move around with your satellite internet. One downside here is that a fixed satellite dish is much stronger than a portable one so your internet speeds will drop but you can still perform the routine surfing activities with that.

  • If Dial-up and DSL are the only options

Satellite internet might cost more than your average dial-up connection, but it is significantly superior to it as well. High-Speed satellite internet can offer up to 100 Mbps that is sufficient for routine tasks. It often outperforms DSL networks as well. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the wiring issues and declining aesthetics with satellite options and that is an added benefit. You might have to pay more than your current dial-up connection but that investment will be worth it.

Disadvantages of satellite internet

Now that we have discussed scenarios where satellite internet works well, let us also highlight instances when satellite internet would be a bad call:

  • If internet speeds matter the most

If you are into extensive streaming and online gaming activities, then satellite is not the right option for you. Generally, the speeds offered by satellite cannot match those offered by faster alternatives like fibres. A vast majority of users want access to high-definition streaming services, therefore, satellite’s attractiveness gets restricted to a niche.

  • Latency issues

Latency is the time it takes data to transmit and then received by a device. Satellite doesn’t offer low latency which can be quite a nuisance especially for people who enjoy online gaming. This gaming isn’t just restricted to a certain platform rather latency/ping issues arise across all platforms when it comes to satellite internet. The weather is another issue in this regard, the air being the medium for transfer can easily be affected and the signals, distorted. This becomes an even bigger issue when there is bad weather so satellite struggles even further.


Your decision needs to be based on the need scenario. If your profile and usage highlight satellite internet as a good option, you should go for it. However, if your requirements are more skewed towards the demanding end, you should avoid going for a satellite connection.

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