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How to Sell Your Inherited House San Antonio TX

If you’ve inherited a home and don’t want to have to face the financial burden that it may cause, you’re probably wanting to sell it to someone looking at buying homes in probate. Unfortunately, if you’re wanting to go through a realtor, you may have to pay for their service, and even face extra costs, along with inspections in order to get your home appraised, see what damages there are, and more. Then you’re usually liable to fix those repairs unless you can find someone to buy it as-is.

This isn’t always an easy task when you’re just selling as an owner. If you’re in San Antonio, TX and this happens to you, we’ll tell you how you can get rid of that house fast (without blowing it up or demolishing it)!

How to Sell Your House Fast

One of the best ways you can sell your home quickly and efficiently as we mentioned above is to sell it as-is. There are actually excellent companies out there who will buy the house for you in order to get it off of your hands. How do they get paid? Are they house flippers?

The truth is, no. They don’t do anything other than have your home inspected and assessed, then get the money to get your payment to you, buy your home, then sell it as-is just like you did. Many of them only get a small commission enough to maintain their business because their priority is to help others, not just themselves like the “house flippers” that the media warns you about. You don’t want to have to take a home through probate when you don’t have to, especially with an inherited or probate house. Therefore, you don’t have to do all of the gruesome tasks required to get it out of your hands.

We Buy Houses Companies Save More than Money

Aside from just saving time as we mentioned earlier, you can literally save thousands of dollars by utilizing them for the reasons we also mentioned. Why? The process to sell to one of these companies can actually get an inherited home closed for sale.

They cover the closing costs, so you don’t have to, and then turn around and hand you a check after they purchase your home. The process can take anywhere from a week or two, all the way up to a few weeks to complete most of the time (the latter being rarer). Sometimes a good company has been known to buy a home within only about 3 days, since they use their own private funds.


If you’re in San Antonio, you can greatly get rid of the hassle that you would normally face with other means by contacting a good investor that has offices in Texas. They may even have the ability to get you more than you generally expected to get from a sell, and they’re reasonably fair with prices because they won’t short you out of money. That being said, I’m thinking of trying to Sell My House Easy Fast Too!

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