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Has A New Civil War Already Started???


There has been much talk in the media about a new civil war about to break. I wondered how that would work since the last civil war was clearly defined with North against South with the North wearing Blue uniforms and the south wearing grey uniforms, but today people are divided throughout the country so how would there be sides taking up arms against one another?  If sides were drawn and arms taken up would conservatives wear red uniforms and liberals wear blue uniforms?

Then I realized something. Our civil war has been going on for quite some time.  I think it started with Obama.  Suddenly, universities canceled speeches by conservative speakers citing security concerns.   Loud, obnoxious people would stand up and shout down the speaker down in situations where they did speak.  Antifa thugs are attacking people and destroying property.  Look what they did to businesses in Berkeley and Oakland!  Protesters are attacking people in vehicles if those people object to having their routes blocked.  They have stopped traffic on bridges and major streets and even the freeways the Los Angeles area and in the San Francisco area.

If someone is wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt and is lunching or dining in a restaurant, they are attacked.  If they were MAGA hats, the same thing happens.  Cars which might have a bumper sticker praising Trump, get their windows smashes.  Maxine Waters calling for violence against conservatives,  Beta informing us of his gun-grab, etc.

At the Trump rallies.  Busloads of goons are brought in from other cities simply to intimidate attendees.  They shout insults and also attack people physically and it doesn’t matter the age or gender of the person.

Some people who work for the Trump administration are refused service in restaurants.

Many people are angry with each other and a lack of civility and manners are seen each day now. A lot of this lack of manners has to do with our multiculturalism” and “diversity. Another problem is that some foreigners refuse to learn the language of the land and complain when we don’t understand them.  It is THEIR job to learn the language, NOT OUR’S.

Why would people acquiring US citizenship have to do it in their own native language?  Why are ballots printed in 16 languages in California when one of the requirements for attaining US citizenship is knowledge of the English language.

Naturally, members of the Hollywood clans are using their pulpit to speak out against Trump. Aging actor Robert DeNiro who I used to like but haven’t liked for about 20 years now and is known for his low-class, profanity-laced, public rantings against Trump was on Steven Colbert’s show (another lowlife celeb who hates America) and said living under Trump is like living in an abused house. He called Trump a “f—-n fool” amongst other names.  DeNiro said he supports Michel Bloomberg for President. I guess he and his Hollywood cohorts hate it that their darling Hillary lost and they no longer have access to her crooked foundation anymore which is collapsing by leaps and bounds.

These actors are all emotion, easily influenced and devoid of facts which is why they talk and act like that. If they would open their eyes and look at the facts of how the country is really doing under Trump they could see things more clearly than just looking out for themselves and what they can get.

On the other side, we have a great person like Jon Voight who Trump recently gave the medal of Arts and Humanities too with other people who deserved it. Voight has released several videos on his twitter page that have gone viral defending Trump and calling this “a war!”

The democrat party and leftist media is a big cause of all this and wants to see this discord as a means of gaining power over the people and accomplishing their globalist agenda that Trump has taken away from them.

First, it’s quid pro quo, then it’s bribery, then it’s abuse of power. Hearsay piled on gossip, piled on “overheard” phone conversations.

When the Democrats and the media can’t point to an actual crime, they create a confusing stew of rumors and opinions, and smear Trump because “the whole thing looks bad.”

Regarding the recent impeachment hearings, Rep. Steve Scalise recently stated. “Schiff controls who testifies. Schiff controls how republicans use our question time. Schiff controls what gets released from his secret depositions. Schiff shuts out witnesses who would contradict his one-sided narrative. This is what Pelosi is calling fair? It’s a sham.”

A recent national poll released by Emerson College indicates that black Americans, a key constituency of the Democrat Party, narrowly oppose Trump’s impeachment. The poll found that 38 percent of black voters are opposed, while 37 percent are in favor, with 25 percent unsure.

Hispanic voters, meanwhile, were only narrowly in favor of impeachment, 48 percent to 41 percent, with 11 percent unsure. The Emerson poll also found 48 percent of white voters nationally were opposed to impeaching Trump, while 44 percent were supportive.

The media engages in planned talking points that they spill out like robots. Anchors on CNN and MSNBC all say the same phrases and deny Joe Biden ever had any quid pro quo with Ukraine and said there is no proof, yet he is on tape saying how he strong-armed the Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor investigating his son or he doesn’t get the billion dollars. The prosecutor was fired and he got the billion You can see the tape below. The democrats and liberal media falsely accuse Trump of everything Joe Biden did in Ukraine.


Anchors on MSNBC and CNN all echoed the same phrase about Trump’s “abuse of office for personal gain” five times. They all repeated the phrase “no evidence Joe or Hunter Biden did anything wrong” six times. They all mentioned the same words “impeachment,”  “Nixon,” “bombshell,” and “resign” over twenty times. They are one team working one scheme to get rid of Trump.


To be a member of the media today you have to have no honesty, be of selective moral outrage, no common sense, no reason and be filled with breathtaking hypocrisy. All the impeachment coverage is based on hearsay, conjecture and presumption and not facts. As a former newspaper reporter, I was always taught to get the facts and leave personal opinion out of your article. Today that doesn’t seem to exist anymore.


“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace is adopting the posture and talking points of other members of the “resistance” media. In a recent interview with House Minority Whip Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, Wallace deployed misinformation and lies to distort the facts about witnesses called by the Democrats being unable to present any evidence of President Trump taking part in bribery or being able to name any impeachable offense.

Republicans should play ads non-stop until next November showing how the leftists live in compounds with walls/fences & armed guards while calling for open borders. As Jon Voight says.  “This is war!!!”

Here Joe Biden brags about getting the Ukranian prosecutor fired that the rest of the media says didn’t happen.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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