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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

Art is the secret ingredient that makes this world an exciting, fresh, and expressive place. The best thing about art is that everyone can define it by its understanding.

Moreover, many tried to define art through history, saying that art is the beautiful arrangement of colors, lines, and shapes, saying that art is the expression of emotions and experience; and that art is the representation of something meaningful. But what is creativity? And Do we remain creative once we grow up? Well, people are showing us that the magic of art and creativity never gets old.

The Amazing Art

Regardless of how you choose to define art, you must agree that art is a form of freedom. Art is so influential that even the most powerful men and women in history stood still in front of the most significant art forms.

Even famous politicians attempted their best to serve art. While few of them succeed, others decided that they want to collect art.

If you want to follow their path and master any artistic craft (paintings, photos, or sculptures) and collecting original and lost masterpieces, you could start by browsing the web or glancing at the occasional art journal or photography blog. But, if you want to know who were the famous politicians that flirted with art, read on.

George W. Bush

The Earth stood still in February 2013. That month a hacker broke into George W. Bush’s sister email and discovered two paintings from this former President of the United States.

It was discovered that the photos are two self-portraits of George. Nothing unusual about it, right? Well, some people were shocked because the President portrayed himself naked.

Well, art has no restrictions and doesn’t shame, so George decided to turn his hobby into a full-time career.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Before he made the first steps toward the White House, Eisenhower was employed as Columbia University president. There, Dwight had a close encounter with art and artists of the time, including Thomas E. Stephens.

The rumor has it that Dwight was so mesmerized with Thoma’s portrait of his wife that he became motivated to learn more about art. Years later, he took the paintbrush, and during his lifetime, created 250 known works.

He always claimed that it was nothing serious, and if he weren’t the President, people would burn half of his art.

Jimmy Carter

The art is strong in U.S. presidents. Carter complimented Bush on his artistic achievements, and he even said that Bush’s “does exciting work.” Just like Bush, Carter started painting after leaving the White House.

He had new hobbies, wine-making, and woodworking. Interestingly, his painting sells up to $250,000. In an exact Carter manner, all the profit went to the Carter Center, helping the homeless, hungry, and sick.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler was many things, but the lousy artist wasn’t one of them. He is one of the few political leaders who tried to be a full-time academic painter. He was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

He used to sell his art as postcards. Today, there is a vast market for his artwork. Hitler’s work is very colorful, with intense and vivid colors, architecture, serene outdoor scenes, and happiness in general.

Many still wonder if the world would be different today if he got into that art school in Vienna.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was never elected into office, unlike the others, but as a queen, she loved to paint. She loved to paint and sketch a portrait of her friends and family.

Victoria used these moments of drawings as a moment of peace. Consequently, she never wanted the world to see them. However, a journalist leaked them in the 1840s, and Queen Victoria was furious.

She took him to court to explain that what’s hers is her property only. Those same drawings were auctioned at Dominic Winter Book Auctions.

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