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Everything You Need to Know about Business Van Insurance

If you operate your own business and need a van to cart around your tools and equipment, you need to be sure that the tools of your trade are also insured against damage or theft. You will only get this cover as part of a commercial van policy. This on its own is a good reason to make sure you have the correct level of insurance cover for your van.

Van insurance has the same three types of cover as any other vehicle, third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover. There are different insurance policies required for private vans and vans used for commercial or business purposes.

Types of Business Van insurance

Different kinds of business van insurance are:

  • Carriage of Goods for Reward
  • Carriage of You Own Goods
  • Haulage

Uses of Business Vans

The problem with insuring a van is that it is multipurpose. Where there may be some blurred lines if you have you one for private use. If you are running a business and your van is involved, it is clearly being used for commercial purposes.  For example,

Cleaning Businesses

Professional cleaners carry cleaning machines and specialist cleaning equipment. These tools are not only expensive but also need care when transporting. Vans are the best mode for transporting theses bigger cleaning tools and machines safely. The back of the van has enough storage space to keep the tools safely and separately. Plus it also has the option of buckling up the things in the back carriage which further makes the transport of machines safer.

Back of vans that are used for transporting goods usually don’t have seats or carpets. So, in case of any leaking of cleaning liquids and other chemicals, it is easier to clean afterward.


A minibus is economical transport and an option offered by many taxi firms. It is sought after by educational institutions, clubs, families and small firms or anyone else who needs to get a group of people somewhere else. A van is not exactly a minibus, as it has less seats. But you can use the van for the same purpose as a minibus. All you need is a standard driving license for a minibus to use your van as one. You will need additional insurance cover if you use your van as a minibus.

Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van is one popular business that has its roots back in older times. Even if it this is your seasonal business opt for short term van insurance. If, however, you are predicting year round business and are planning to keep it going a long term annual insurance policy is best for you. Annual insurance policy is generally more economical than short term insurance policy.


However, you decide to use your van, if you are making money, you’ll need commercial cover. This may exempt you from using your van for private use except under strict agreed terms or completely. As usual, such details depend on how much you are willing to pay in premiums and how much inconvenience you can handle. Thankfully, sites like Money Expert compares van insurance quotes where you can find a plan as per your unique circumstances.

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