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There are many styles of jade, but they can be roughly divided into two types: plain jade and carved jade.

Carved jade refers to carving various complicated patterns on the surface of the jade. Such a practice to make it beautiful is only part of it, it is important to cover up the original jade flaws and cracks through the carving. Usually, jade has flaws needs to be engraved. But after careful design and carving by the craftsman, it becomes a richly carved jade custom birthstone rings get name necklace, which looks very delicate and is therefore loved by the public. In fact, the quality of jade is only one aspect. The technique of engraving is another important factor in determining the value of a jadeite. As long as the engraving technique of the jade carving master is good enough, it can also transform corruption into magic, and the price of the works created can be greatly increased.

The so-called plain jade, as the name suggests, is the jade without modification. The industry has the saying that “the naked jade”, and there are no patterns on the surface of the emerald birthstone necklaces. Many people may have doubts, so the plain jade is mostly cheaper than the carved jade, why is it actually the opposite.

In fact, there is a reason for plain jade is more expensive than the craved jade. Because plain jade needs to have high requirements on the quality of jadeite, and defects are not allowed. The selection is often the most excellent part of the jadeite material.

The emerald monogrammed necklace can reflect the natural beauty of the jade itself, natural and pure. As a man, you should good-natured, magnanimous, mind wide, gentle, and smooth like jade. This is why men in China used to wear jade in the past. They reminded themselves that they should be as gentle, introverted, unobtrusive and frivolous as jade engraved necklace. Jade is tough, gentle, delicate and subtle. It slowly transmits a fascinating beauty from the inside to the outside. These characteristics are in great consistency with human nature. Good jade is warm in the hand in winter, it is not cool custom cufflinks and will not freeze hands; when in hot summer, it does not feel warm in hands. In the Book of Songs, there is also a sentence of “remembering a gentleman, warming like a jade”; that is, a gentleman symbolizes a noble virtue with jade cute necklaces. An ancient man wears jade, that is, he wants to be like a gentleman, or he is a gentleman. Jade always brings people auspicious, beautiful and warm memories.

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