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Bulletproof Vests For Your Hunting Trips

According to a survey, more than 103 million US residents participated in wildlife-related activities in 2016. Hunting is one of the most popular wildlife related activities, taking 10% of this number. Additionally, is also one of the safest activities with the number of fatalities being less than 100 a year (as shown by the data compiled by The ІНЕА-UЅА (International Hunters Education Association) for 2002 to 2007). The excellent statistics are attributed to hunter education, safety training, equipment safety and technological advancements. The availability of quality safety gear and equipment also plays a key role.

Obviously, you must have the right kind of tactical gear that will protect you from all kinds of danger. When it comes to deciding the gear you need, a bulletproof vest counts on the top of the list. This is because hunting involves bullets and there are always risks that you may get hit by a stray one.Now that you understand that you must have this safety vest, the next concern would be to choose the right one. What factors would you consider while choosing a bulletproof vest for your hunting trips? Are these any different from those to be borne in mind while choosing one for security personnel? Here are some information and tips that can help.

Look for perfect coverage

Whether you arebuying a bulletproof vest for keeping you safe on a hunting trip or in strategic situations, protection matters the most. This means that you should find one that offers the perfect coverage, both on front and back. The probability of being hit by a bullet is the highest for the torso area. Moreover, this is the part of the body that comprises your vital organs. Therefore, you should wear a vest that covers this area properly. At the same time, there should be adequate coverage for your back and sides too. 

Check the protection levels

Besides good coverage, another factor that decides the efficacy of a bulletproof vest is its protection rating. These vests are tested by an authority called the National Institute of Justice. The test gives them a safety rating on the basis of their capability to stop the amount of blunt force impact. A higher rating implies better protection and you should choose one according to your requirements. Hardbody armor with rating III or IV is ideal for protection against rifle shots while a soft armor with a lower rating will protect you only against handgun fire.

Mobility depends on the right size

Mobility is extremely important for hunting trips, whether you are out in the wild or on the shooting range. You cannot compromise with mobility at any cost because you will have to move around, run, duck or even crawl to get hold of the prey and save yourself. The bulletproof vest should be of the right size if you want to be comfortable moving around. Something that is too tight or loose can restrict your movement. Also, it should not be too short because it will fail on the coverage front. A vest that is too long, on the other hand, will hamper easy movement.

Protection of personal belongings

A factor that is important for hunting enthusiasts is the provision to carry their personal belongings. After all, you would not want to hold your cellphone through the trip. Having body armor with some storage provision is definitely a good idea. A few pockets here and there can surely be a good way to store your cell phone, glasses, sunscreen or medicines. When you buy a vest specifically for hunting trips, look for an overt carrier model that offers storage.

Prioritize quality and durability 

A bulletproof vest can make the difference between life and death. For this reason, you should choose one that you can rely on even if it means spending a little extra. Prioritize quality and durability and shop for a brand that offers both. Check the body armour options on the market and have a good look at the products. Study the design elements such as fabric structure and material used when searching for an armour. You can also ask for recommendations from fellow hunters because they will definitely have some useful ones to share. Never settle for anything but the best because this is something that can save
your life.

Look for a replacement when needed 

Regular inspection of your bulletproof vest is something that you should do as a part of your hunting safety routine. Never step out for your hunting trip unless you have checked the armor and are satisfied with its condition. A fact that you should consider is that the average lifespan of a bulletproof vest is around 5 years. So you must replace it after this period and even earlier if you use it more often. Check the vest a few days before the trip so that you can replace it before leaving if there is a need.

Good care and maintenance matters

Obviously, you will not be using your bulletproof vests in routine. It will come out only when you plan your hunting trip. But this does not mean that you can forget about its care and maintenance. Remember to hang it in the closet rather than fold it if you want to maintain its integrity. Avoid exposure to water because moisture can weaken the protective fibers of the fabric. Clean the panels with a damp sponge and soap water. Don’t put it in a washer or dryer. 

Backpack armor is a good idea

When you are out in the wild, you need to be extra smart about carrying things. Taking along too much stuff can make you uncomfortable about the load that you will need to bear all the time. Why not look for a backpack that doubles up as armor! Backpack armor is a great alternative to explore as it can be used to store your stuff safely and protect you from accidental gunshots while you are hunting. What’s more, you can even carry your camera or tablet in the backpack without the fear of loss and damage.

Remember that a bulletproof vest does not make you invincible! 

Even if you wear a bulletproof vest while hunting, remember that it does not make you invincible. There is still a risk of being hit on your head and other organs that are not covered. At the same time, a bulletproof vest does not guarantee that you will not get injured. Factors like safety rating, wear and tear and the way you wear the vest can affect the level of protection it provides. However, it is a considerable plus to step in the hunting ground with proper armor. Besides wearing it, you must take all the requisite safety precautions while out there. Also, having additional safety equipment such as a helmet can give you an extra level of protection.

When you are on a hunting trip, you should be extra careful about your safety and also the safety of others around you. Make sure that you do not forget to wear your bulletproof vest and insist that others wear them as well. A bulletproof vest is like a long-term investment for any hunting enthusiast. You can trust it to keep you safe year after year. Feeling confident about your safety throughout the trip will just make it all the more exciting and enjoyable. So you must absolutely buy a vest that is a perfect fit and gives you all the protection you need!

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