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A Beginners Guide to Vaping

When you first switch to vaping, it’s normal that to be slightly overwhelmed. But you shouldn’t allow this to sway you though, with time, you should be able to master the vape tips and tricks that work perfectly for your needs. The following guidelines will help you vape in style.

Disassemble Your Device When Not In Use

At first, this might look like a pointless task, but it does help. Removing the atomizer or vape tank when not in use is extremely important when it comes to preventing leaks and spills. In case the juice comes into contact with your button or the battery itself, the device could actually end up getting destroyed.

And with the money you recently invested in your vape, it would be so sad to se4e this happens within the first few days of your purchase. So, you better stick to this side of caution and perform this small task regularly.

Go For A Glass Tank

Different vape tanks feature different designs. And you may not be able to utilize certain juices in stone tanks. If you’re in the market for a product, be sure to check out JUUL pods in Canada at 180 Smoke. Remember, there are numerous plastic tanks that can crack or warp with some juices. Cinnamon plus menthols e-liquid flavors are some of the most notorious culprits of this issue.

If you want to access the wide range of juices available on today’s market, then it’s time you consider updating to the glass tanks offered by Blazed Vapes. They’re versatile, efficient, and highly reliable. Plus, it’s resistant to cracking and can be utilized with all types of e-juices. Sounds amazing right?

Manage Your E-Juice

When it comes to e-liquids, it isn’t all about purchasing and vaping them. Just like your mods and vaping tanks, your juice needs some maintenance as well. Did you know that e-liquid should be shaken thoroughly before each use? This plays a significant role in ensuring that the PG/VG mixture plus the nicotine are properly mixed, hence delivering a quality vape.

Besides, you should also be careful not to leave your e-liquids in a place where they can be directly hit by the sun. This could actually decrease the intensity of your nicotine, leaving you with a low-quality product you didn’t pay for.

Maintain the Batteries

Whether you’re using a starter kit or a large box mod, you need a lasting battery. Typically, most batteries feature a color code that provides you with a deeper insight into the battery’s life. Don’t wait until your battery goes flat. When you notice that it’s about to die, connect the charger immediately.

Most starter kits have ego threading, which implies that the charger gets screwed right onto the battery. So, be careful not to over tighten this, because it could end up damaging your charger or battery. Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger. If the battery gets too hot, take them out instantly and troubleshoot what the issue might be. It’s also important to note that leaving your batteries in your car or under direct sunlight could cause them to explode.

The Bottom-LineFor most people vaping is an incredible way to have fun. It allows you to enjoy different e-liquid flavors through a single device. Plus, most of these gadgets come with rechargeable batteries, enabling you to enjoy a longer vape session. And with the above tips and tricks, things can even be simpler.

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