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What are The Best Ways to Send Flowers Internationally?

Flowers are a symbol of love and care. They are also a way of expressing your love, making someone smile, apologizing, showing sympathy, uplifting or impressing someone.

Sending flowers as a gift to someone you love or friend is a pleasant way to show you care. Make your friend or loved one in London have a joyous feeling by delivering a bouquet of flowers. However, there are times when you can’t personally deliver flowers because you may be living in different countries. Yet, it’s still possible to send flowers to a loved one in another state.

This has been made possible by the presence of online services and you can send flowers to a loved one who is in a different state through online delivery. Moreover, you can pinpoint a local florist in the area the person lives. Alternatively, you can locally buy the flowers and send them via mail.

1. Use of Online Flowers Company

There are some factors one has to consider when sending flowers internationally: the delivery charges, the price of extras like greeting cards and sweets and the price of the flowers.

Steps to Sending Flowers to Someone Abroad – Look for a Company that will Ship to the Recipient’s Location.

Some flower delivery companies deal with a number of florists from around the world. Have a look at their website to get information on which countries they send flowers to. Most of the websites have an address field that you can fill in to verify they deliver to the recipient. Also, read online reviews to help choose which service you want to use.

International flower deliveries are becoming more and more frequent. Flower Delivery, a flower shop from London, has had more and more customers that require these types of services. Since they make your flower delivery process incredibly easy by delivering fresh flowers on time, with minimal fuss and at a reasonable price.

Plan your Order Based on Delivery Schedules

There are different delivery schedules that you can choose from. You may opt for same day delivery, one day delivery or according to the day of the week and time you make the order. It’s advisable to order a week or two in advance just to make sure you will place your order by then.

Another way is by agreeing with the florist to work according to their time schedule. As well, take specific delivery into account when you are sure the recipient will be at home during given hours.

Inquire from the Florist if you aren’t sure what Flowers are best

Best flowers may vary according to the season or your location. You can contact the florist if it’s difficult to decide the floral arrangement that is the best. Florist are experienced in this field and will give you professional opinions and advice to help in making a decision.

Choose a Flower Arrangement that you want to send

There are a variety of flowers to choose from when you want an excellent bouquet. One of the most important factors is selecting the right flower. It sets the tone of the message you are trying to pass. You can start by getting to know the meaning of different flowers which is also known as ‘the flower language’.

Also choose the right size, a small floral arrangement is best for pleasant sentiments while a bigger one shows the same meaning on an exuberant manner. As well, consider the price, destination, color and the shape. Don’t forget to include a note or other gifts

Check out and provide the recipients’ address

When making an order you should present your email and phone number so that the florist may get in touch with you if they have any questions. You should also not forget to give out the recipient’s address for them to get your gift.

Make a follow up to confirm your recipients received the flower

When your friend or loved ones receive the gift, they will get back to you and thank you for the floral gift. If they fail to get back to you, try reaching to them just to make sure they received the gift.

2. Ordering from the Recipients’ Local Florist

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of sending flowers to a friend or a loved one. If you don’t know the recipient’s location, you can use google search to get any information about the local florist near the delivery location. Likewise, you can choose a large chain flower company so long as the flowers reach the recipient.

However, a large chain company may be more expensive. Once you have made a decision on the right company for you, you can go on and place the order of the type of flowers you need and the delivery time. You may be asked for your credit information so that they can charge you. But this depend on the flower service you choose. You have then completed you orders after paying for the flowers.

3. Send Flowers Internationally by Mail

You can choose to send flowers internationally by mail if you feel it suits you best. It’s possible to send flowers by mail and they will reach their destination still fresh and beautiful like when they were purchased.

Steps to follow to ensure they remain fresh all the way:

  1. Use a lightweight box. The box should have same height and width as the flowers and should be made of wood to make it strong to go through the mail.
  2. Use a cotton material to line the sides of the box then place a sheet of paper on top.
  3. Put the flowers inside the box, then arrange them orderly so that they are not on top of the others, try to make sure they stay close so that they do not disarrange on the route.
  4. Use a lid to cover the box then tape the sides together.
  5. Address the box with the name, address and location of the recipient. At this point, you are good to go, ship the flowers by mail and they will be received by your loved one or friend after some time.

You can make the gift a surprise by trying to know if they will be at home at the time to receive the gifts without giving them a hint. Once you are aware that your friend will personally receive the flowers, you can order the arrangement according to any of the above steps.

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