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Today, whenever people hear of essay writing service, they know it is all about being assisted to write essays. This is correct, essay service helps students address any problem they are facing in their academic life. This help is for students across all academic levels. The writing service works with experts in every field to ensure that customers get quality service. For example, if you need help in a history essay, what will happen? You will be matched with an expert in the field. You will either select the writer or a company will help you find an expert in that field.

Most of the writers have a master’s degree and PHDs. So, you will never get to work with a writer who is below your academic level. The qualifications of the writers are displayed and therefore you can choose the one that matches your requirements. With such experts and well-experienced writers, writing service guarantees customers only high-quality work.

The help that customers get may differ. For example, Tim, a student in a graduate program says, “I am one of the many people who have benefitted from writing service. After writing my research paper, I needed someone to help with editing it. You know reading a long essay word by word is quite tiring. Sometimes you can overlook some mistakes. This is why a second opinion is necessary. So, I decided to seek help from the essay service. I was connected to a professional writer who I can say did good work in editing my paper. I realized there were several mistakes in my essay. Thanks to the essay writing service, I delivered a mistake-free paper.”

While Tim was assisted to edit his paper, other customers have been assisted in organizing body paragraphs, citing, and even developing good relevant essay topics. Therefore, essay service is meant to help students with any writing problem they may be having.

  • Essay writing will steal your money

We have come across some students complaining about scammers in the essay service sector. Well, this might not be surprising. Technology is both a blessing and a curse. As part of blessings, technology has made a lot of things easier and more efficient. Today, you are just a click away from connecting with professionals for any writing help. Years ago, you had to physically locate these professionals. However, technology has also created opportunities for fraudsters. Today, there are many scammers over the internet. There are also many online services that are a fraud.

These fraudsters have also found their way into essay services. According to one of the victims, she picked any writing service and ended up getting no paper. “I placed an order with a certain essay writing service. I noticed they were taking time delivering the order yet time was not on my side. Eventually, the order was not delivered. The company argued that they were not getting in touch with the writer. Of course, I failed in that paper. Then, I asked for a refund. They refused to give me my money. I eventually gave up.”

Clearly, this student fell into the hands of the fraudsters. Is it possible to avoid these scammers? It is 100% possible.

How to avoid scammers in writing service

  • Look at the price

Fraudsters want to attract as many customers as possible. So, they will use the cheapest price to trap you. You may even notice pay of $1 per page. This is unrealistically low. Such compensation will definitely give you very low-quality. Remember you will always get the value of your money. A genuine company will charge enough money for high-quality work.

Also, scammers will require the use of credit cards. This is a key red flag. If any person requires you to disclose information about your credit card on the internet, be very cautious. Especially when you doubt the service. If possible, avoid such services.

  • Testimonials

Read customers’ testimonials. Look for external testimonials. If you learn that more people are complaining then the service is most likely to be a scam. A legit company will have more positive reviews.

  • Other information

Other information such as type of hired writers, work quality, unrealistic deadlines and language used can tell you if a service is legit or not. For example, if you find that an 8-page paper will be done in one and a half hours think twice. If you can’t write a quality paper in less than 2 hours, how could a writer no matter how professional do so! A promise of highest-quality in a very short time is most probably a fake promise. Such people mostly want to scam you.


There are many stories about essay writing service. One thing is for sure though. Students no longer need to struggle with essay writing problems. Writing service is available to help them solve any problem. But, it is very important that students take time before placing an order with any company. This is the only way to avoid fraudsters.

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