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The most popular settings for MMORPGs

MMORPGs are a genre of videogames that have a lot of attractive features, such as: their gameplay based on RPGs, the enormous possibilities they offer to the player, and the great social experience they provide.

But, one of the main and most important characteristics that MMORPG have is the enormous worlds where they are developed, which can vary depending on the theme of the game. The MMORPG worlds are not just simple environments, they must have their own personality, a unique history, and even their own culture and rules, that is to say, all the necessary elements to create an original and own world. These games also have a business system that normally works according to their environment. It should also include parallel businesses that own MMORPG, such as RuneScape, where through specialized websites, players can buy RuneScape gold and OSRS gold easily and reliably.

But, although many MMORPGs offer a different experience, most of them share a theme in their settings, in other words, MMORPGs usually share the theme in their worlds.

That said, below is a list of the three most common and popular themes to be found in MMORPG videogame settings.

  • World of pirates

Pirate environments are some of the most popular in the MMORPG genre and have their own identity. Pirate videogames are quite easy to identify, as their world is usually made up of sea and islands, where you can explore in ships, obtain treasures, and have sword duels. This theme is highly compatible with fantasy elements, or even with science fiction, but basically focuses on adventures and looting ships at sea.

  • World inspired by Nordic Mythology

Nordic mythology has earned a place of its own in the world of MMOs. Previously Greek mythology was practically the most used in videogames, but today you can find a growing number of videogames based on Nordic legends. In this setting Gods, rude warriors, terrifying creatures and epic war stories predominate, so this theme offers many possibilities.

  • Fantasy World

This is one of the most used environments in the history of videogames, and especially in the RPG genre in general. The theme of fantasy is based on a huge world where magic predominates, there are dungeons full of monsters, and there are various humanoid races (such as elves, dwarfs, and orcs, among many other.). This theme is widely used because of the great amount of creative freedom offered by these worlds, either in history, as in the environment. The term Fantasy is so general that it can encompass many different types of videogames.

Other subgenres may emerge from this setting, such as the medieval fantasy found in games like RuneScape, or the dark fantasy found in Path of Exile, among many other subgenres of fantasy.

These are some of the most common settings that can be found in MMORPG videogames, as these settings can be easily exploited by videogame developers, so it is very likely that they will continue to release more videogames that use the settings mentioned in this list.

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