The Leftist Cabal’s Most Outrageous Crime Yet

“There is much talk today about controlling “the narrative.”  What is the narrative but a collection of words?  Words that convey meaning and therefore are imbued with considerable power.  Controlling the narrative means controlling the opinion of the population.  Controlling the opinion of the population means that you control the population, controlling the population equals power.” (True Conservative Pundit)


It used to be that the Left was just mildly “out there.” Both sides of the political aisle could even meet in the middle on occasion and find common ground.  Now however, the Left, armed with leaders like, we’re all dead in 12 years Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (The Squad), crazy Bernie Sanders, and gun-grabbing, America hating Beto O’Rourke among others – has left the middle ground behind, more like they have stomped it into the dirt so far that the “middle ground” can’t even be found anymore.

The only true cooperation that exists anymore with the Left – is between the Left and the sellout RINO’s.  A book could be written concerning the extreme paradigm shift of the Left.  This writer would go so far as to say these people are full-on crazy – and that is being generous and very diplomatic.

AOC’s “Green New Deal” is the product of a highly delusional and fanciful mind; that is if there was an actual mind involved in the construction of this dubious plan at all.  This so-called plan would devastate the U.S. economy, eliminate air travel, and get rid of cows (They fart too much you know).  But don’t take my word for it, read about it for yourself.

Bernie Sanders wants to give everyone free medical care, free college (and cancel all student debt besides), he supports AOC’s Green New Deal, and Sanders says that everyone deserves to have a home in the U.S., and he wants to expand Social Security.

“In the richest country in the history of the world, every American must have a safe, decent, accessible, and affordable home as a fundamental right.

We say to the private health insurance companies: whether you like it or not, the United States will join every other major country on earth and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right.” (Source: Bernie Sanders campaign website)

This all sounds great right?  You may be saying; what is this guy’s problem with this?  I will tell you what the problem is:

Who.  Is.  Paying.  For.  This?

Yes, that is right, who is paying for all these supposedly free benefits?  Millennials especially do not seem to get this at all.  So these “benefits” are free courtesy of the United States government – except that they are not, free that is.  So…where does the U.S. government obtain the money to pay for these programs?  They may be free to those who benefit from them, but someone still has to pay for them – money does not just appear out of thin air (unless you are a Washington bureaucrat).  That someone is, of course, every single person that works for a living and pays taxes, and all businesses large and small.  And let us not forget that the Social Security trust fund is near to being broke.

The Green New Deal requires more money to implement than there is currently in circulation on the entire earth.  Before you dismiss that statement out of hand, read about what AOC’s plan actually entails, the costs are astronomical.  Here are two quick examples; part of the plan is to make every building in the U.S. green friendly and energy-efficient, every single building! – now how much do you think that alone would cost?  Another component of the plan is to eliminate combustion engines – you just increased the cost of farming alone astronomically, let alone everything else, such as getting product to market for all of us to buy – you know, like food?

Dear Beto, that all-American man (insert sarcasm here) wants to take away all guns.  There will be a gun buyback program, and if you read through his info, a little way down (#5), the article mentions, “Implement a national buyback program for banned assault weapons and handguns.”  Well now, how interesting, first Beto – there is no such thing as an assault weapon, and these weapons are nothing like what the military uses.  Beto and others mention this as a scare tactic.  Second, now there will also be banned handguns?  Let me guess, the .40, .45, and .50 cal guns will be gone – they are too powerful.  High capacity magazines will also be a thing of the past.

All individuals desiring to own a weapon will need to:

“Individuals seeking a gun undergo an assessment by law enforcement and a background check.”

Ok, so…if you want to own a weapon, which by the way is an American right, granted by God and the Constitution, now you will not only have to submit to a background check, you will also need to be interviewed by the police to determine your fitness to own a weapon.  Can anyone else see the ginormous red flags here???  He is a conservative blogger, deny him a weapon.  She is a conservative investigative reporter, deny her a weapon.  They are Christian extremists, deny them weapons…  After all – these people are a danger to society.

Beto also supports Red Flag laws – and he wants to declare “gun violence” a national emergency (but Trump could not declare the Southern border and all that, that entails a national emergency).  All I will say about that is, “Chicago.”

All these things and many more are serious issues, and alone, these issues should be enough to inform any right-thinking human beings that those who call themselves Democrat, as well as the RINOs are not fit to govern, period.  This is no longer a simple matter of opinion, and this is no longer a simple matter of differing facts and viewpoints. 

The Democrats have committed an even more egregious crime, more so then the crimes I already wrote about here.  I originally thought to write this as an informative and yet somewhat humorous article.  But as I thought of this particular Dem crime, well it’s not really very funny at all.

The Democrats have and are committing “verbacide.”  Now many of you will laugh and think this is a joke, I assure you – it is not and this is no laughing matter.  This is dead serious.

“Furthermore, the concerted attack on precision in speaking and writing was clearly seen by C. S. Lewis when he coined verbacide – the killing of a word by a calculated misuse of it. Agenda-driven people in politics and the media are guilty of verbacide.” (Source)

So words are misused, so what?  Words have power; words can end a marriage, or begin to heal it.  Words can bring comfort, or intense pain, even life-long pain.  Words can inflict more damage than physical abuse.  Words can start wars, and words can literally change societies from the ground up.

The word “gay” used to mean happy, having a good time etc.  Now it means a homosexual.  Partner seems like an innocuous word right?  Now it has taken the place of spouse, wife, and husband.  This is by design, to further weaken the foundation of marriage and family.

A “rainbow” was known as a colorful display in the sky when it rained, it also signified God’s promise not to flood the earth again (still does).  Now however when the word rainbow is used, it is often automatically associated with the LGBTQ movement, again by design.

How about the word love?  This word has been perverted in a big way.  Pedophiles insist sex with children is “love.”  The LGBTQ crowd has also used the word “love” to defend and protect homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism etc.  Love is love they say – and who are you to judge?

Look at these other gross misuses of words:

  • If you identify as “white,” you are automatically seen as a racist
  • “Racist” itself is misconstrued and misused – white milk is now racist.  Disagreeing with many Democrat talking points gets you labeled as a racist
  • “Truth” – there is no such thing as absolute truth anymore.  Truth is what and how the individual perceives it
  • “Jesus” was associated with God and goodness.  Now Jesus is associated with hate and intolerance
  • “Abortion” was a word not said out loud in many places not so long ago, it carried dark connotations, and rightfully so.  Now it is a badge of honor among women, and a “right” in women’s health care
  • At one time, being an “illegal” was not a good thing.  Now – speaking against an illegal means you are heartless, unfeeling and cold, a racist, and inhumane
  • The National Anthem – standing and supporting this song means you are an unfeeling, cold, and evil racist.
  • Loving your country (the USA) means you are racist, think too highly of yourself, you are unfairly condemning other nations, you support racism against blacks and others, and well you are basically a low-life piece of sh**.
  • If you support Trump – you are a low-life racist piece of garbage, deserving of all forms of abuse and even death
  • School – schools are no longer about learning, no, they are all about Democratic indoctrination.  Kids are taught that two mommies and two daddies is perfectly normal.  Girls with girls and boys with boys is normal and natural.  Boys wanting to be girls, and vice versa is normal and acceptable (transgender).  Islam is acceptable and Jesus is evil.

Do you now see how serious “verbacide” is?  All because of words, abortion and infanticide are now acceptable.  The LGBTQ agenda is, for the most part, accepted and approved – because of words.  Supporting Trump is one of the worst forms of evil imaginable – because of words.

College students are taught to hate Israel, and that “America (the U.S.) is the enemy and stands in the way of true freedom.  How did this happen?  The liberal professors – yes, you guessed it, words.

There is much talk today about controlling “the narrative.”  What is the narrative but a collection of words?  Words that convey meaning and therefore are imbued with considerable power.  Controlling the narrative means controlling the opinion of the population.  Controlling the opinion of the population means that you control the population, controlling the population equals power.

The Constitution is an important document that forms the basis of our unique style of government.  But the Leftists have perverted it like everything else.  The Constitution is now a “living document.”  A very important distinction, because if the Constitution is a “living document,” then it is much easier to change or even to interpret it to ones advantage.  And all this without actually changing the wording of said Constitution.  Think about that…

Hitler rose to power through the use of “verbacide.”

Barack Obama convinced many a person through the use of “verbacide” that the U.S. because of its wealth and power was “bad,” and needed to be put down.

“Words” have convinced many (again by Democrats) that guns are inherently evil.  Guns are not sentient, therefore they cannot be evil.  Furthermore, guns are inert, meaning not alive, meaning they cannot kill people.  People kill people – therefore, gun control has never worked and never will work.

The power of words, more properly the misuse of words, i.e., “verbacide,” has convinced many a person of things that are simply untrue.

Democrats through controlling the narrative, or more properly, verbacide – have convinced many a person of deep and serious untruths.  School indoctrination has convinced many “educated” people of truths that are no truths at all.

Words have power – the Democrats subterfuge on any given subject is based on words.  Never forget this. The Democrats can get away with crimes, change the rules at will, lie, attack and misrepresent what the president and others say, make false allegations, twist others words and on and on.  Verbacide, controlling the narrative.

Not so funny now is it?


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