Is There an Oscar for Dumb and Dumbest?

   Just when we think stupidity has subsided and people are awakening from their stupor, wham! Here it goes again, right?

Why couldn’t President Donald Trump organize and promote a weekly ‘Dumb and Dumbest’ awards ceremony – red carpet and all the bling? Wouldn’t this help America to heal by exposing idiocy and all its dangers to society?

The best part would be knowing it would only take pennies to produce the show. We would only need a Master of Ceremony/Announcer and enough electronic equipment to replay actual recorded events.

There would be no need for normal production staff, writers, make-up artists, screen writers, costumes, and the like. Nope, just replays of actual recorded events or statements.

The most difficult task would be to identify the winner(s) of the dumbest event. However, that decision could be transferred to the public to cast ballots via the Internet.

Then each week, the President could showcase the ‘winner(s)’ at the White House and present an award like a book of facts to the winning dumbest performance by an idiot.

Yep, don’t you agree this would be a very big ‘stand-alone’ hit show? However, if we could incorporate allowing the proceeds to go toward helping finance donor and recipient organ transplants, then it would have a great additional purpose.

It’s like turning lemons into lemonade! Look upon this event like turning stupidity into something worthwhile instead of just more BS.

Let’s not cause our brains to burst by trying to remember sure winners from the past; instead, just think of all the potential winners from last week’s news.

Wouldn’t one of the top performers be the professional athletes? Here are groups of zillionaires not knowing what country they live in. Zillionaires that don’t understand the differences between freedom and tyranny.

The saddest part about athletes is most are college educated! What does that tell us about college education and educators?

Of course, the news media mob is always going to have contenders. Have you ever seen any organization try to make an ass out of themselves like the media?

The problem with media is they would fight to be at the top of the dumbest list every week, right? Stupidity is cherished by these idiots.

How could we not toss in the deranged Hollywood crowd? The problem with them might be they are so stupid they wouldn’t recognize the dumbest award is not an award to proudly place on their mantels!

Let’s not forget to include the political class. This would be a never-ending supply of ignoramuses for the show. Political stupidity is a badge of honor.

No, the show cannot be focused upon liars because politicians would always be the winners. We must make the show fair and open to all who must use their body temperature to move their IQ’s to over 100.

As part of the awards ceremony, perhaps the President could reward the contestants with a CD of Red Skelton’s Pledge recording.

In this manner, we might be able to take a few of these dumbest people off the repeat list of the next show. Yes, we would need something to help minimize the repeat offenders.

Well, what do you think about such a ceremony? Would it help to shame stupidity and elevate the levels of conversation in America? Isn’t this the sort of change America desperately needs to embrace?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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