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Is there an increasing need for mechanics working on the MOT tests?

All thanks to Brexit, new rules are coming into play about the entire MOT situation. People are
speaking about making massive changes to it some of which include upgrading the tests to
include a few more of them especially considering the newer features of the car.

There have also been others who mentioned adding new areas to the test which would then
mean that there would be a lot more cars that would have to be tested if they are to be driven.
The MOT test mentions that the vehicles have to be tested annually which means there would
not be enough time to pick up on the additional workload. Some of these vehicles haven’t ever
been tested and this was something that was needed to get started. One of the locations was
Jersey which has about 40000 cars of its own. The major reason for this was so that Jersey
vehicles met the international standards if they were to pass through the European Union post
the finalisation of Brexit.

The current MOT test uses approximately 20100 new garages that have been set up to go
through all the cars in need of the MOT tests. These garages hire about 53000 testers
throughout Great Britain who works on the vehicles making sure that they are roadworthy and
within the emission standards. With the addition of new locations, these numbers would have to
be significantly increased.

With the environment also being a giant concern, the emissions of the vehicles getting MOT
tested are also being monitored. They need to be within the required range otherwise would
have to handle some maintenance. Furthermore, some locations aren’t allowing cars
manufactured before a specific time to pass through. This will soon be a rule in many large parts
of the city. Additionally, since diesel is a lot more polluting than the alternatives, the Government
has created stricter guidelines for diesel vehicles that have to be followed. Some taxes have to
be paid and these are slightly higher as well.

A few years back, the recent MOT report across the United Kingdom showed that there were a
large number of failures during the MOT testing. The major reason for this was people not testing
their cars and waiting for issues to be recognised before solving them. Some of the issues were
worn out brake pads and tires, which is interesting because these don’t necessarily cause issues
so were left to be handled later.

Although the MOT test is in the process of being revamped, it isn’t quite there yet and following
the older rules and scoring. However, an additional change is informing vehicle owners why a
specific car has failed a test so they can work on it and being the vehicle back. There is also the
implementation of a rating scale that breaks down all the different aspects of the car being
reviewed and their status so owners would know exactly what needs attention and immediate

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