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Funeral Wreaths and Sympathy Flowers – What to Write on the Card

The use of flowers and greenery at funerals and wakes is a practice that has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times. Flowers, twigs, leaves and berries were woven together and worn as a headdress. Wreaths symbolised eternity and ultimate victory over death. They also celebrated the life of the departed.

In modern times, wreaths and funeral flowers mean much the same, but they often include a card on which the sender writes messages of, tribute, sympathy and support. Sympathy flowers are sent to the bereaved separately from wreaths and the messages are more personal. But what to write? This can be dificult to decide. First, how well did you know the departed and what was your relationship like? If you didn’t know the person but some other member(s) of their family, you may also want to send a message of sympathy. Wreaths, on the other hand, are supposed to accompany the departed to their funeral, with a card bearing messages of tribute and sympathy.

Writing these messages is never easy. To avoid committing a serious faux pas, you can jot down a few drafts as a guide before writing your final message, but there are places where you can get some help. At Funeral Flowers from London, staff have encountered this confusion and are willing to offer guidance and hints. They offer next-day delivery of wreaths, funeral flowers, letter tributes, posies and baskets, and sprays to any destination in the UK. They understand that funerals are difficult times and are sympathetic and helpful.

You may be struggling with thinking about what to write. The message should be simple, heartfelt and meaningful. To get you on the way to writing your own special words, here are some examples of messages you can write on a wreath.

Short Messages

? Gone but never forgotten

? Forever in my mind

? Rest in peace

? Rest in power

? Gone too soon

? In loving memory

? Always in my heart

? Till we meet again

? With deepest condolences

? You will be loved and remembered forever

? With deepest sympathy

? Loved and missed by all

? Rest with the stars

Longer Messages

? When a loved one becomes a memory, that memory is a treasure

? Time may pass and fade away, but the memory of you will always stay

? Always the most beautiful flower in the garden

? You brought love, joy and laughter to all. You will be missed by everyone

? What we loved we can never lose. It remains part of us forever

Religious Messages

? We loved you, but God loved you more

? Always in our prayers

? May you rest forever in God’s loving arms

? God decided you need to rest, and He always takes the best

? With love, blessings and prayers

? God gives and God takes away. Rest with the angels

On a wreath for Dad

? You were the number one Dad and best friend

? Miss you Dad. You will be in our hearts and minds forever

? Dad, rest in peace/power. I will remember every moment spent with you.

? You made me what I am today. Rest in peace, Dad

? My friend, my guide, my guardian, my Dad. I’ll always remember thegood times we had

On a wreath for Mum

? You nurtured me and showed me love. Rest with the angels, Mum

? In good times and bad, you were always there. Rest in peace, Mum

? The hole you have left in my heart will never be filled. Go well, Mum

? Thank you for the endless love and kindness. Farewell, Mum

? For a wonderful Mum. Love you forever

On a wreath for a Brother

? My Brother and BFF, miss you so much. I’ll never forget the good times we had

? My Brother, rest in peace. Love you forever

? You were my pillar of strength. Miss you, Brother

? You will always be in my heart and mind, Brother

? Though we now have to part, you remain in my heart

On a wreath for a Sister

? You were sugar and spice and everything nice. Rest in peace, dear Sister

? You were there for me in darkness and light. I will always remember you with delight

? I will cherish the love and kindness you gave me. Rest in peace, dear Sister

? Thank you for the love. Miss you so much

? Love you forever, Dear sister

? Being with you was one of my favourite things

These examples are just suggestions to get your Muse flowing, but the best thing to do is keep it simple. Don’t pressure yourself trying to compose the perfect poetry. The intention is to convey your sympathy, love and support to the bereaved. If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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