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Advanced Tips to Write A Proper Cover Letter

When you want to apply for a job, it is important to present a proper resume and a cover letter. These two small things can make a big difference in your career. Once you master the art of writing a perfect cover letter, you increase your chances to impress the hiring manager. You can always find professional writing help at where experts accomplish the task very fast. This is the fastest way to can find. However, the skill of writing a cover letter is very useful. You can learn how to do it by following our tips below. You will see that there is nothing difficult to write a top-notch cover letter and increase your chances of getting an interview for the job you dream to get.

Select the Right Type

You should know that there are many different types of cover letters. Choose the right one to send to your potential employer. If we speak about a traditional cover letter, which is also known as an application letter, we use it for applying for specific job openings. You can write a letter of interest, which is also known as a prospecting letter, and ask about any job openings at the desired organization.

Go Beyond Your Resume

Many people make a common mistake by writing their cover letter as another version of their resume. Instead of doing the same mistake, you should better provide specific evidence of what you are ready to bring to the company. We recommend you to pick two to three major skills/abilities and highlight them. You can provide examples of how you have demonstrated those traits before. You should include numbers to demonstrate how you have added value to previous organizations you worked for. Do not forget to provide evidence from projects, volunteer work, classes, etc. Prove that you have the skills you mention in your resume.

Write a Custom Cover Letter

An experienced hiring manager is able to recognize whether you have used a generic cover letter. That is the main reason to get your application thrown out in a moment. Your cover letter had to fit the specific job you apply for. Make sure that your qualifications match the job perfectly. First of all, you have to look at the job listing, then choose several skills that the employer requires, and finally provide the proof of using those skills. Do your best to showcase your personality.

Don’t Mention What You Are Missing

It is not allowed to apologize for anything in your cover letter. If you do not have a required degree or experience, simply do not mention it. You must highlight the strong points, skills, and successful experiences you do have. However, if you have some gaps in your work history, your cover letter gives you a chance to explain an employment gap in a brief way.

Find a Contact Person

When you write a cover letter, you should take your time to get personal. It is very important. You should do in-depth research about the company and the top management. We recommend you to address your cover letter to the specific hiring manager who will read your resume, cover letter, and maybe will invite you for the job interview. You can always check out the needed information on the company website, or even call them directly. This is a piece of good advice to gain an employer’s interest.

Format Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter should include the proper information about you. Make sure that it looks professional, neat, and polished. If you want to send a physical letter, be sure to use a business letter format. Do not forget to include your contact information, the date, and the contact information at the top of the letter. In case, you want to send your cover letter via email, you will need a slightly different format. Do not forget to include a subject line mentioning your name and job title. A proper cover letter consists of a single paper. There is no need to make it too long.


If you want to impress and interest your hiring manager, try to be honest. Be yourself. We all want to look professional but it does not mean that you have to us too formal language. You will spoil your cover letter using non-natural phrases. We encourage you to use clear and straightforward language.

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