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Yearly Horoscope – Will 2020 be a good year for Taurus?

Overview for 2020

The 2020 Taurus astrology forecast suggest that this year can bring great change to your present life. It will challenge and test the strengths and weaknesses that you are normally too stubborn to take much notice of.

Your horoscope says that this is one of those years that you will have to attend to them – why, because your life will be demanding it. Whether this is your present job, your locality and family life, your relationships or how you are personally performing – all will be under the spotlight this year.

I am not talking about doom and gloom here, because this type of year can open up new opportunities for you if you move out of your comfort zone. 23-24 October are the most powerful dates of this year – not only because the Sun enters Scorpio, but so does Mars and Venus setting up a special time.

Personal Opportunities for Taurus

Probably the most important time of this year comes until 17 February, and for those who start the year with a plan of action you can succeed by putting in the effort and work required.

Mars will remain in your sign until this day and as it has been a resident since late July 2019 you may now only get the enthusiasm or impetus to use it effectively. The Sun enters Taurus on 20 April remaining until 21 May and this is your personal power time. Mercury only stays 14 days from 5-19 May and you can use this time to make some important personal decisions, sign contracts and generally gather knowledge.

Personal Limitations for Taurus

As we begin this year with Venus retrograde until 3 February, you can feel some limitation around your life until this time.

You may have more duties and obligations to perform for other people that may not involve you being paid. Venus is still in the Earth sign of Capricorn until 5 March and she becomes more beneficial to you in the last month of her stay.


You meet people from different walks of life this year and this can broaden your mind as well as bring an early romance into life for you.

If you travel in the first three months of 2020 it can increase the potential. Whilst Venus travels Taurus from 29 May to 24 June, and again with Mars (if you are female) from 24 October to 6 December and Venus in Scorpio (if you are male) 24 October to 17 November a time of high intensive interaction.


This is where you must be attentive, and not allow people to either squander your money, or involve yourself with lengthy legal matters, especially if it involves a shared debt.

This is likely to be an issue, as some of you can find yourself separating or divorcing this year and the ensuing legalities it entails.

You can boost your finances with the right partner and can in fact get benefit through other people whilst Jupiter remains in Scorpio until 24 November. Earlier made investments can either accrue or be closed down and late October to the end of November is when definite moves take place.


Go it alone this year as much as possible, and try to be single minded, but practical, in how you conduct yourself. Start early and you benefit later in the year.

Mercury in Taurus from 5-19 May can be the best time for you to make clear cut objectives and state your desires, remember to be flexible in your attitudes as this combination can be very direct.


As your throat and neck are the barometers of your body, pay special attention to these areas. You will really benefit from massages this year, or personal one-on-one attention on a regular basis.

It is likely that your vitality hits a low point in the year around June/July and your body can need attention.

You would also be wise to not try taking on too much in this time as that can accelerate the `accident’ potential as you are rushing.

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