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Trump Takes Action Against Vaping – How You Can Avoid Going Forward

With the rise in vaping illnesses sweeping the nation, the White House moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes, with the President acknowledging there was a problem and looks to rid our country’s youth in taking part. Michigan was the first state to prohibit, followed by New York, with more cities and states to follow, it’s only necessary, as there are more than 500 cases in over 30 states that have reported illness, with 6 deaths being linked. While certainly there are cons with cigarettes, alcohol, and recreation drugs, these unregulated vaping products should be banned, and you can do your part in avoiding getting sick and changing the landscape of this unnecessary culture.

Avoid Alternatives

While quitting cold turkey may be a difficult task on its own, substitutes keep the addition alive in the form of gum, patches, and even spray. Instead, avoid falling back into the trap and look to the next chapter of your life where you can be smoke-free, not to mention watch the bank account continue to rise as you save on this expensive habit. To get past the urge, try replacing with chewing gum or candy, although watch for the calorie and sugar count, otherwise you can find your waistline start to expand quickly.

Protect the Investment in Yourself

Being smoke-free not only improves the overall quality of your life, but you can save on medical bills, and more importantly, set up your family financially in the event of your unexpected demise with a life insurance policy at an affordable rate. As you continue to age, you will find rates will continue to rise, so after the age of 70 you may find you no longer need the policy and can look to life settlement companies to cash-in and take the money to enjoy your remaining years, something you would likely be unable to do if the smoking habit continued.

Start Using the Gym Membership

Typically, around the beginning of the year when the resolutions are being thrown around, the first to see a flock of new customers is the gym. After a few visits and getting into a routine, you will notice a healthier improvement, however, once you start to skip and your visits become less-frequent, pretty soon you’re paying the dues when you haven’t gone in months. Now is the time to turn around those wasted fees and get a head start to the winter, and by the new year you will already be well on your way to a ‘new’ you.

Quit for Your Loved Ones

While smoking cigarettes is bad enough for those around you with the second hand smoke, not to mention the smell, there is not an improvement with vaping. In fact, according to Dr. Stanton Glantz, Director for the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco, being around someone using these products “you are breathing an aerosol of exhaled nicotine, ultra-find particles, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins”. If these are causing mysterious illness to those taking part, imagine what those around are inhaling as well.

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