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Top 3 Benefits Of Being A Sports Massage Therapist [Infographic]

The best thing about being a masseuse is that there are a lot of job opportunities. Right after completing a massage course, you can work in every city and countryside. Professional therapists can work in physician’s offices, fitness centres, franchised clinics, hotels, spas, etc.

If you are looking for a career path as a massage therapist at that moment, consider learning a sports massage.

What is a sports massage like for your patients? Once you learn common sports massage techniques (myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, etc.), you will be able to boost your patient’s circulatory system, reduce their risk for injury and improve flexibility.

If you are still not sure whether it’s the right career path for you, check out these benefits:

Travelling part

Sports massage therapists can travel along with athletes to help them prevent injury and improve their performance. Masseuses who work in spas or beauty salons don’t have a chance to travel around the world as often as sports massage therapists do.

So, if you want to see other cities and countries and do what you love, consider becoming a professional sports massage therapist.

Helping people

A sports massage for athletes is a must before and after every competition. You can help them reduce muscle pain and promote proper healing of scar tissues. Regularly scheduled massages can reduce inflammation (that usually leads to serious injury).

Good salary

After a few years of being a professional sports massage therapist, you will be able to work with sports stars and make a good living.

According to data available at BLS, sports team massage therapists’ salaries are relatively higher than in the beauty salons.

Learn more benefits of being a self-employed massage therapist:

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