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The Benefits of a Lifetime Guarantee

None of us expect to be in a collision when we set off in our car each morning, but unfortunately, it happens to hundreds of people every day of the year. Some of them are no more than a minor bump and some car owners sustain a lot of damage to their vehicle in a crash. 

Regardless of whether it is a few scratches or major repairs are needed, they may well be looking at collision repair shops close to them. When they are deciding which one to use, they should ask the body shop if they offer a Lifetime Guarantee, as these have several benefits.

You Can be Certain of High-Quality Work

Whether it is a collision repair shop or some other type of repair business you are dealing with, you can be certain that if they offer a Lifetime Guarantee the work will be carried out to the highest standards. They will only use qualified and experienced operatives, as at the end of the day, it can be very costly for them is their work is inferior and keeps coming back for more repairs.

An auto body shop providing a guarantee such as this will be confident about the quality of the work they are carrying out. If they have that much confidence in themselves, then you can trust them to do a good job too.

The Guarantee Lasts as long as You Own the vehicle

The guarantee for the work the collision repair shop carried out lasts for as long as you own the vehicle. Of course, it will not cover the work needed if you have rust, theft, stone chips, another collision, or take improper care. They are also not transferrable to a new owner.

However, if you encounter any problems with the work the auto body shop did, it will be trouble-free to get it put right because of the Lifetime Guarantee.

Lifetime Guarantees for Glass

It could be that your windshield gets damaged in a collision or a stone hits it as you are driving along. Just like with the body repairs, your windshield will be guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for as long as the vehicle belongs to you. If it leaks or is drafty, it will be replaced free of charge under the Lifetime Guarantee.

If a chip repair fails to stop a windshield breaking, the cost of the chip repair will normally be deducted from the cost of a brand new windshield.

Peace of Mind Always

Guarantees and warranties are meant to give you peace of mind about the work you are having done. When you use a reputable and trustworthy collision repair shop that guarantees every job it does, you know that the work will be completed to the highest quality to make your car look as good as possible after the crash you were involved in. After the stress and anxiety of the collision, that peace of mind is worth a great deal.

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